Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 4, 2006

Present: Ameigh, Bozak, Chambers, Kay, LeBlanc, Mandel, Murphy, Santos, Shaffer

* Update on the survey: A second round of email invitations has gone out to 7400+ students and 360+ faculty. A variety of endeavors to promote participation, especially among students, has been taken. A guest column was submitted to the Oswegonian to challenge students to participate. A graphic arts student is going to create a full-page "ad" promoting the survey which Bozak will pay to have placed in next week's Oswegonian. We will keep the survey open until October 20, one additional week.

* Bozak will send out to folks a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that discusses how email is "for old people" and perhaps not the best means of communication. This led to conversation on IM and alternative means of contact.

* The web site is up. Links to the Penfield Library's tutorial on plagiarism have been added. Start providing content and links to Bozak so that we may begin expanding the resources section for both faculty and students. We'll add the library's page for citation guides. Anyone with "quick tips" can contribute them and we'll add them to provide faculty with food for thought.

* We've not heard from either of the two students who were part of the committee last year. We need to recruit some new student members. Cathy has some leads, and Mike Murphy has a grad student possibility. Bozak will contact Gerry Oliver to see if there is another international student who might participate.

* Cathy Santos took Jean Chambers' letter of notification to a student and crafted two template letters, a draft guide to a conversation between a faculty member and a student and a FERPA waiver. These were discussed - quite a good start. They will be distributed electronically and we'll email suggestions/comments/edits/etc. to Cathy prior to the next meeting where we can finalize a set of materials to place on the website.

Next meeting is October 18, 8am, 711 Culkin.

respectfully submitted,
David Bozak

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