Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 18, 2006

Present: Bozak, Chambers, Coultrap-McQUin, Jalife, Kay, Murphy, Santos, Shaffer

* Bozak distributed information on the recent Josephson Institute Survey of high school students, demonstrating that we are not working with "blank slates" when students come to us. They come to us already conflicted, highly valuing honesty and integrity yet admitting to significant levels of cheating, theft, and lying. The survey's complete results should be available sometime this week, CHARACTER COUNTS! week. The Josephson Institute can be found at

* Our survey is running out of steam. We have better than 35% faculty response rate and a student response rate under 13%. We'll call it quits at the end of the day on Friday.

* Provost Coultrap-McQuin was our guest. We reviewed our work to date. She encouraged us to create professional development opportunities, continue our focus on education rather than punishment, simplifying the processes we currently have in place is valuable, ensuring that interactions continue to be positive and educational rather than confrontational, and to look towards training for faculty, including adjuncts. In addition to any open forums we might host she encouraged us to make ourselves available to departments or clusters of departments (all of Mahar Hall faculty, for example) to talk about our work, the campus policy, and gather feedback.

* Our thrust this year (though not our exclusive concern) is for faculty development, with our shift of emphasis next year to student development.

* The Provost will take our Sanctions Guidelines to Provost Council, perhaps as early as next week.

* We next continued our discussion of a form notification letter, based on the most recent document written by Jean Chambers. Part of our discussion distinguished cheating episodes (in class exam woes, for example) as needing a different mechanism than submitted papers. We also want to provide some specific advice to faculty over what to do when the problem is with a final paper and the student is no longer on campus.

* Other advice to faculty might include how students cheat, how to proctor exams to minimize cheating or how to confront cheating happening in large class exam situations.

* Jean will take our comments and send out another version of the form letter. We will continue with this at our next meeting (November 1).

Respectfully submitted,

David Bozak

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