Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of May 2, 2006

Committee on Intellectual Integrity
May 2, 2006 meeting, 711 Culkin Hall

attending: Ameigh, Bozak, Jalife, M. Murphy, Shaffer

The SUNY Task Force on Academic Integrity has sent a short survey to Chief
Academic Officers. As we would expect the Provost to ask us to complete this
survey, we spent the initial part of the meeting answering the questions.

Mike Ameigh will complete the survey, after discussing our answers with the
Provost. My notes show:

#3) the only institutional answer is "campus publication" though "other"
also applies with the caveat that various faculty individually do most of
the other answers, and SLN courses have a common module.
#4) no, not at this time. We (Bozak and perhaps Mandel) will be doing a
session as part of the new faculty program.
#6) no, not at this time.
#8) yes
#9) ultimately, to their dean.
#10) two checked, "action of classroom instructor" and "refer to all purpose
campus disciplinary process"
#11) five checked, the first two (lower grade), suspended, expelled and
other (academic penalty up to and including a failing grade for the course)
#12) no
#13) yes
#14) two checked, and google
#15) "other" checked, no campus support for a commercial product though some
faculty have individually subscribed to
#16) no
#18) no

Bozak noted that two reports on the Duke lacrosse situation have been
released by Duke, one of which examines the student judicial process. One of
the conclusions is that the Duke Community Standard (DCS, expanding their
honor code) is seen as applying primarily to academic endeavors and that the
DCS needs to be modified so that "the central tenet is good citizenship in
relation to the University community as well as in relation to the broader
communities of which the students are part."

We've had those discussions on this campus, that student affairs and
academic affairs are seen as too distinct, with too little interaction. We
must continue to work to break down that artificial separation and think of
the two as "integral parts of the general educational experience."

The reports can be read at

We should work to jump start the survey in the fall by having an article in
the Oswegonian and Campus Update. We can indicate why we are doing the
survey, what we hope to learn and what we intend to do with the results.

We need to continue to work on guidelines for faculty.

We should encourage faculty to include a statement in their syllabus
concerning the importance of academic honesty, with a pointer to the campus
policy. We can use an integrity website (under the Provost's page) that
includes a pointer to the campus policy, among other things.

Perhaps we can use the first sentences of the campus policy?

"Intellectual integrity on the part of all students is basic to individual
growth and development through college course work. When academic dishonesty
occurs, the teaching/learning climate is seriously undermined and student
growth and development are impeded. For these reasons, any form of
intellectual dishonesty is a serious concern and is therefore prohibited."

and then include a pointer to the full policy.


We need also to start thinking about what campus discussions we would like
to see next year once we share the results of the integrity survey -
articles in the paper can share results but we want literal discussion, so
perhaps hall meetings, open sessions with faculty/students, public web site
for discussions/comments, etc.

We'll meet again in June, date TBA. Please email Bozak with any dates that
you will be out of town and unable to attend a meeting.

David Bozak

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