Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of February 21, 2006

Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Feburary 21, 2006
702 Culkin Hall

Present: David Bozak (Chair), Jean Chambers (Recorder), Paloma Jalife,
Gwen Kay, Cathy Santos

1. David conveyed regrets from absent members.
2. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 7th at 1 p.m. David will see
whether 702 Culkin is available.
3. Paloma may not be able to attend the Academic Integrity Conference on
March 23rd and 24th.
4. The 2006 Conference of the SUNY Council on Writing will be at SUNY
Oswego April 7th and 8th. Contact Don Masterson or Mike Murphy for further
5. David announced that the Academic Integrity Survey is ready to be
administered. It has been approved by the Human Subjects Committee. A
decision is being made as to which administrative office the invitation to
participate will come from.
6. We discussed the task of creating a consistent approach among faculty
for reporting and handling plagiarism cases.
7. We set a tentative Fall, 2006, meeting schedule for Wednesday mornings
at 9 a.m.
8. David Bozak will write a memo to Steve Abraham, Chair of the Conflict
of Interest and Professional Ethics Task Force, requesting that the Task
Force take up the issue of proposing appropriate administrative procedures
for addressing faculty misconduct or faculty-faculty conflict.
9. Tia Hendershott will be a student representative. We are currently
seeking another student representative with an international perspective.
10. We would welcome a member of the Composition Program on our committee.
11. The Agenda for the March 7th meeting: 1) Types of cheating/plagiarism;
2) Strategies for preventing cheating/plagiarism; and 3) Guidance to
faculty in assigning penalties for cheating/plagiarism.
12. Cathy will tell Don Masterson that some disciplines require the
Chicago citation style, which the standard Hacker handbook does not
contain. Any choice of a new handbook should take this requirement into
13. Meeting adjourned 4:45 p.m.

Jean Chambers

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