Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of November 23, 2005

Present: Chambers, LeBlanc, Bozak, Mandel, Santos, Ameigh, Jalife

* Purchase of the CAI Assessment Guide (and survey) has been approved by the provost. Ameigh has ordered it.

You can see the survey but PLEASE do not share the URL or the survey information. I had been given permission to share this URL with the committee.

Also, I've attached a powerpoint from Don McCabe's presentation at the CAI conference in October, as promised. While many slides might not be useful, even without narrative there are interesting data to ponder.

Concerns raised:
    surveys to be anonymous/confidential
    need student buy-in, perhaps get SA endorsement?
    present results for Quest?
    can we add our own questions?
    preview/story about the survey in the Oswegonian?
    sampling strategy?

sample strata? by class, grad/undergrad, college/school, OLS/at-risk and Honors. Majors would be tough, depending upon the number of students surveyed.

Is campus being surveyed out? Get the Assessment Guide, choose a date (early February?) and have the provost endorse it to President's Council.

Results ready for Quest? for the SUNY Writing conference in April?

What do we do with the data then? That in part depends upon what the data show, but at a minimum it provides an objective foundation for a campus discussion of the issue of integrity.

* Faculty guidelines/development
    there are available resources
    there is a module available for faculty to include in their syllabus. it can be rigged so that results or indication that the module was completed is emailed back to faculty
    we need to include factors that decrease cheating, steps that can be taken.

* Set up a mailing list for this group. I have submitted a request for a majordomo list to be called CII-List. I'll add folks when the list is created. That will simplify our communications.

*Student member(s)

    Jean and Cathy will find an undergrad for us.
    Mike LeBlanc will find a grad student for us.

NEXT MEETING:    JANUARY 23 at 1pm, 702 Culkin Hall

(Monday afternoons seems to be good for folks)

respectfully submitted,

David Bozak


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