Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of September 8, 2010

Present: Bozak, Evaneski, Folino, Garii, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat

Discussion topics, with a summary of proposed activities at the end: 

* What did we accomplish last year? The big 3 are:

1) digital signage

2) the new integrity resources site and quiz

3) the online violation reporting form 

We need to remind faculty of #2 and #3!

* We need to keep up with the use of digital signage. Now that Shannon has moved on we need to find a neighbor's child who is creative to make up some signage that we can continually revise on the campus digital signage system.

* We may move to the SCMA's 5th floor conference room, so as not to be held up by the laggardly general education council meetings in the 711 conference room prior to our meeting.

* We need to add to the integrity quiz question database. If everyone can come up with one question per meeting, we can quickly build a large database of questions. The categories are:

good learning/tips

why be honest?

college policy

plagiarism - identify types of plagiarism

plagiarism - how to avoid plagiarism

* The default quiz in ANGEL is now our integrity quiz. Instructors were given the following instructions on how to incorporate the quiz: 

The new Intellectual Integrity Assessment version should be copied into any course to replace all existing versions of the Intellectual Integrity Quiz.  You will want to link the new assessment as more changes and upgrades will be forthcoming.  This can be done by going to Add Content and selecting Import from Learning Object Repository.  You should see a folder labeled SUNY Oswego Campus Repository; open this with the plus sign.  The New assessment should be the first item.  Please a check mark next to it and click the Link to Items button on the right.  The assessment will be added to your course and will automatically update with any changes that are made.

Notice the emphasis on linking to the quiz object - this ensures that whenever the quiz it taken, it is the most up-to-date version.

* What about the certificate of completion of the integrity quiz? The new version of ANGEL was just installed and Hemphill needed to test the new quiz to ensure it works. The certificate portion is available but the campus SLN folks wanted to wait until there was a rollout strategy in place.

In addition, there is an old (a VERY old) IIP (Intellectual Integrity Policy) associated with the old quiz and that should be updated. So Hemphill will extract the IIP and send it out to the cii-list. We'll group edit the document at the next meeting. We'll also create the primer page describing the quiz/certificate. We can then update things online and do an announcement to all faculty for October 1.

* We need to touch base with Michael Murphy (CII member and WAC director) about his citation talks, given during College Hour last spring. We've heard good things about them and should find out what his plans are and how we can assist.

* Testimonials. We asked (a while ago) for faculty, staff, alums, and community members for short 'testimonials' of what integrity means for them (professionally, personally) as a means of making the rather dry disciplinary codes more attractive to students. We really only received one, from a former student, and we might want to figure out how to re-issue this invitation in a manner that might get us additional responses.

* We've spent this past year creating a site for students. Now perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of a site for faculty - how to spot cheating, FAQs, etc. Perhaps that will go a way towards helping faculty understand our policy and get higher levels of participation. We might create some vignettes of actual cases to provide some illustrative examples.

* We really need to get a School of Business rep. We have a grad student (Joe), and perhaps an undergraduate. There is also the possibility of another grad student (in English). We LIKE having student reps, especially those that contribute!

* Michael Lisi contacted Bozak regarding an article he is writing for "The Voice," the UUP publication about how easy technology is making it for students to cheat. He was looking for additional folks to talk to - there seemed to be no volunteers in the audience. 

* The Gen Ed Task Force report refers to integrity - we need to contribute to this discussion, as well as to the Middle States work group on integrity (Bozak is on that workgroup).

* What surveys should we be doing, or re-doing? The SOS (Student Opinion Survey) takes place every 3 springs, and there is an integrity question on it. We've not done well at all. The NSSE also asks about integrity, but it isn't clear if we'll continue to do the NSSE as it is expensive and Albany has recently cut funding support for gene ed assessment. Bozak will look into getting more info on these two. Re: the McCabe survey - perhaps it would be good to get a year of the new primer/quiz under our belt so that we can see (perhaps?) if there was any impact of our work.

* Hemphill discussed a problem with a potential break in by a student into a faculty member's use of 3rd party software. Two things learned: 3rd party vendors aren't necessarily interested in or care about the integrity of your access and faculty need to be VERY careful to protect account/password info.

So, from all of this, our activities for the year - SO FAR (we can and should add more!!):

1) for our next meeting (9/22) we should review the IIP and be ready to rewrite (completely) or edit it at the meeting.

2) everyone should create a question for the integrity quiz for each meeting.

3) review the testimonials idea, to see how best to proceed

4) create a faculty education ("primer"?)

5) create and mount new digital signage

6) work with Michael Murphy re: his presentations on citation.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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