Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 6, 2010

Present: Bozak, Folino, Garii, Hemphill, Hughes, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat

* The Online Intellectual Integrity document was reviewed (one last time!) and some changes and minor edits made. The document will be sent to Doug Hemphill for inclusion in the "new" integrity module/quiz.

* The rollout idea is now to have the module complete and functional by December 1, and then announce it to faculty to begin using it for January (Wintersession) courses. Bozak will need to update the primer to include a final bullet item/page on the module - how to access it, what the quiz entails and how to save and send the certificate of completion to their faculty.

* With respect to digital signage, we have a new 'artist' :-) who can start with the content from the screens created by Shannon. New ideas for such signage should be sent to Doug, or me, or shared on the cii-list. We can start putting up a "new" sign every few weeks or so, as long as y'all send along good ideas! To refresh your memories, check out the "old" signage which are on the committee's homepage.

* Also, we want to keep adding to the database of questions for the integrity quiz, so craft some questions and send them along to Doug, me, or share them on this list.

* What should be on our agenda for the year? Along with the ideas listed in the minutes of September 8, we thought that we would want to 

  • incorporate integrity issues into Orientation
  • run a workshop on "how student's cheat" as a service to faculty, through CELT
  • run a series of workshops that would include our resources, how (and why?) reporting instances of misconduct, how to structure a class to minimize opportunities for student misconduct, and/or a roundtable discussion on whether or not faculty SHOULD report misconduct.

We would want to start with a Winter Breakout session, add sessions during the spring and be included in the May Breakout session. We should also get onto the schedule for new faculty orientation to ensure those folks understand our policy.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

 Last Updated: 10/6/10