Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 20, 2010

Present: Bozak, Folino, Hughes, Nichols

* Bozak will work with Hemphill to verify where we stand re: Wintersession courses (the module with the quiz, the certificate, instructions to faculty)

* How do we get integrity into the new Gen Ed?

* We are well represented in the Middle States document (Bozak is on the committee for the standard on integrity)

* How do we get integrity into Orientation?

  • is it already there in one of the vignettes that the Laker Leaders perform?
  • should we try to get an overt message into Orientation? Bozak gave a presentation to OLS students during their orientation
  • Suppose we have a simple motto: "Integrity Matters!" - can we get it used so that it is seen over and over by students? Perhaps on the book bag? Or on the cover of the dayplanner (and an article inside the planner)?
  • Can we get a piece on integrity into The Laker, which freshmen are mandated to read?
  • should/can we do a facebook page on integrity at Oswego?
  • what about getting the motto into signage during Orientation?
  • Can we do some sort of drawing or giveaway, with funding from Aux Services? They, too, worry about integrity. Perhaps as a joint program with Res Life?
  • Is Orientation connected to Angel? If so, then perhaps we can get the quiz mandated. Or in a freshman class? Or a freshman GST?

* How can we connect with parents/guardians?

* How can we connect with transfers?

* For next time, we should decide on a topic for Winter Breakout. Bozak will get us into the list of programs. Next meeting we'll try to define just what that session should be about (our policy, how students cheat, how to structure assignments to minimize cheating, etc.). Along with a topic/title we'll need to have a 3-4 sentence description. Then we can expand the description into a program.

So, next time: update on integrity quiz/certificate, thoughts on getting into Orientation, Winterbreakout session.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

 Last Updated: 10/21/10