Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook

APPENDIX F: Policy and Procedure for Testing Accommodations

1.    Schedule exams three days in advance with our office- Stop by or call at 312-3358 to schedule your exams. Let us know whether you will need a reader or scribe when you are scheduling exams.

2.    Unless you have made arrangements with your professor, your exam should be scheduled at the time your class is taking the test.  The Disability Services office will document the date and the time you begin and end each exam for your professor.

3.    Extended time is defined as time and a half unless otherwise specified. If you have an hour long-class, Disability Services staff is required to collect your exam after an hour and a half.

4.    Schedule exams so you can utilize the extended time you are entitled to. If you have consecutive classes, please make arrangements with your professor so you can utilize extended time.

5.    Once you leave an exam, your test is sealed and returned to your professor by our staff. Under no circumstances can a student take part of an exam, depart and return to finish the exam.

6.    Scratch paper is provided by Disability Services office. No book bags/backpacks, purses, notebooks or papers other than the test itself are allowed in the testing room. For your security, these items may be stored in a locked cabinet for the duration of your exam. If your professor allows the use of a calculator or other aids, we will note this on your test,

*These testing procedures are for your protection, in adherence to the college's academic integrity policy.


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Appendix F: Policy and Procedure for Testing Accommodations - Disability Services
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