Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook

Index to Sections and Appendices

President's Letter


Section 1: History and Governance

Section 2: Employment Policies

Section 3: Fringe Benefits

Section 4: General Policies

Section 5: Policies of SUNY Oswego

Section 6: Instructional Policies and Procedures

Section 7: Student Faculty Concerns

Section 8: Facilities and Resources

Section 9: Services

Section 10: Recreational and Cultural Resources

Appendix A: Organizational Chart (pdf)
Appendix B: College Facilities Use Regulations
Appendix C: Vehicle Regulations
Appendix D: Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (Example)
Appendix E: Students with Disabilities Test Accommodation Form (Example Letter and Form)
Appendix F: Policy and Procedure for Testing Accommodations - Disability Services
Appendix G: Faculty Bylaws (this link goes to the Faculty Assembly site, source of faculty bylaws updates)
Appendix H: Directory of Administrative Officers