Provost's Council
Minutes for September 8, 2010

Mehran Nojan, Yvonne Petrella, Shashi Kanbur, Linda Rae Markert, Rhonda Mandel, Fritz Messere, Mary Beth Bell, Cathy Santos, Richard Skolnik, Rameen Mohammadi, Tim Nekritz, Yvonne Petrella.

Travel policy: The Council approved a faculty travel fund policy for the current academic year.  Full-time tenure-track and tenured faculty are eligible for up to $500 of support for conference and other professional development travel, and up to $750 if they include students in conference presentations.  Note: these travel funds are for faculty only; students may solicit funds as available by following instructions at:

The approved policy is in effect for the current year and will be reviewed for 2011-2012 in light of whatever budget realities exist at that time.

Small Class Initiatives: The deans will work to increase the proportion of small sections to be offered by their units during the spring 2011 semester.  The goal is to increase the overall percentage of classes with 19 or fewer students, reduce the number of large sections.

General Education Taskforce: The Council reviewed the Final Report from the Taskforce on Re-creating General Education.  Members were asked to provide feedback after which the report will go to the General Education Council and from there to the Faculty Assembly.
Action item:

- Deans will provide feedback at the next meeting of the Provost’s Council.

Intercultural Certificate Programs: The Council discussed a list of intercultural certificate programs proposed by Cathy Santos, Associate Provost for Multicultural Opportunities and Programs.  Similar programs are being offered at Penn State University, among others.  This discussion will continue.

Program Review and Assessment: Lorrie asked the deans to assist Brad Wray in interactions with departments in his role as Director of Assessment.  She reiterated the importance of assessment in all areas of the curriculum as a tool for sustaining and improving academic quality.
Action item:

- Deans will facilitate cooperation of department chairs and faculty in the assessment process.

Metro Center Programming: The Council continued its discussion of potential programs to be offered at the Metro Center.

Graduate Program Priorities: Lorrie reiterated the need for deans to prioritize grant proposals that would benefit from the assistance of the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.


  • Fritz announced student run campus media, open to all students, are beginning the process of recruiting membership. Please encourage students to consider participating.
  • Tim announced training on the new campus web platform, Ingeniux, is in full swing.  More training sessions will become available soon.
  • Cathy handed out flyers and booklets for the 24th Annual Student Leadership Conference/ALANA to be held September 18-25th.
  • Rameen reminded the  Council that Chip Kidd, author of the ORI reading selection ‘The Learners’ will be on campus on the Wednesday, September 15th participating in a number of events.  See the campus news events calendar for details.
  • Yvonne announced Kim Armani is the new director of the Metro Center.
  • Mary Beth announced that Susaki Architects will be on campus later this week to begin planning for re-visioning Penfield Library.  Deans, faculty and students are invited to participate.  Mary Beth will coordinate meetings for Thursday and Friday. All meetings will be held in LI-2.
  • Richard announced that a feasibility report on the MBA online program will be available shortly.
  • Mehran announced the college will participate in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) during 2011.
  • Linda Rae announced the School of Education has received word the Building Leadership Excellence for Needs-Based Districts (Project Blend) grant will be fully funded for the second year of this three-year $900,000 initiative.  The grant provides free tuition for eight teachers with leadership potential to take the first two educational administration courses in Oswego’s certificate of advanced studies program.
  • Linda Rae also announced the two primary accrediting agencies for schools of education, NCATE and TEAC, will merge to become the Council for Accreditation of Educational Programs (CAEP).
  • Rhonda announced the Women in STEM grant reception will be held Monday, September 20th at 5:30PM in 114 Campus Center.  All are invited.
  • Lorrie recognized Rameen for his success in arranging instructional technical support for spaces quickly placed in service as classrooms during opening week.  The division is acquiring ten portable ‘smart carts’ with computer and display technology for deployment in rooms not yet equipped with such facilities.

- adjourned

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