Provost's Council
Minutes for August 4, 2010

Attending: Lorrie Clemo (presiding); Michael Ameigh (recording). Richard Skolnik, Fritz Messere, Rhonda Mandel, Yvonne Petrella, David King, Timan Nekritz, Mehran Nojan.

Alumni Survey:

Mehran Nojan, Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, presented and overview of data collected in a recent survey of SUNY Oswego alumni.  Approximately 800 surveys were distributed to gauge interest among alumni in proposed post-graduate academic and professional development opportunities.  Areas of strong interest include business, communication and computer technology training.  The Council will continue this discussion.

Action item:

  • Bring concrete ideas about how each school/college will respond to the Alumni Survey by next Wednesday.

Branch Campus:

Yvonne Petrella, Dean of Extended Learning, presented an overview of the process underway as the college applies for branch campus status for the SUNY Oswego Metro Center in Syracuse.  She requested that deans bring forward by October proposed degree and certificate programs to be included in the application.  The deadline for preparing the application is December 1st.

Action items:

  • David will follow up with Pamela Sandoval/SUNY on the branch campus questions that came up, will report via email to Provost’s Council.
  • Yvonne will prepare a list of specific questions that need to be provided by deans for branch campus application and indicate the dates materials are due.

Academic Affairs Summit:

 Lorrie discussed a draft agenda for the day-long Academic Affairs Summit with department chairs to be held August 24th.  The focus will be on aligning divisional activities in the coming academic year with the college’s strategic plan.  Other areas for discussion will include the need to develop strategies for moving quickly on program development and implementation in light of competitive and structural changes in the academic landscape.

Additional Action items:

  • Decision on when department chair appointments should begin – July 1st or August 1st of each year.
  • Deans should prepare plans related to the early retirement incentive plan (ERI) and submit to Mike Ameigh by August 9th.
  • Set up a meeting on Health Information Technology/Health Communications program with Fritz, David, Rhonda, and Lorrie.


  • Yvonne indicated departments will soon receive incentive funds for participating in summer programs.
  • David King, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, announced that staff in the Graduate Office and the Division of Extended Learning are being trained in the operation of the new customer relationship management system (CRMS) IntelliWorks.  The program will be used by the Graduate Office and Extended Learning to manage data related to inquiries regarding degree and certificate program enrollment.
  • Tim Nekritz, Director of Web Communication, indicated personnel are beginning training on the Ingeniux web system platform.  Ingeniux will soon replace OmniUpdate as the college’s website provider.
  • Reminder: Please bring copies of agenda and supplements with you to Provost’s Council.


 Last Updated: 8/13/10