Freshman Resident Parking Information


University Police Parking Services is located at the corner of State Route 104W and New Street, near the main entrance to the college. The phone number is 315-312-3227.  Parking Services is open weekdays 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.
How do you register your car to get a parking permit (sticker)?
You may register on-line by going to :Online Parking Registration, follow the instructions for registering. Or you may register in person at parking services, fill out the registration form and present the form, your method of payment, (cash, credit card or check) and your registration card to the parking clerk. Remember to keep your receipt, take a map and rules and regulations document and affix your parking sticker to your vehicle on the passengers' side lower corner of the front windshield immediately, (so you won't lose it), also you aren’t legally registered until the sticker is affixed to the windshield.

Stickers must be displayed on the front windshield, lower passenger side corner and they must be permanently affixed, (meaning that they cannot be partially affixed or taped on) or your vehicle is not considered registered and you could still get a ticket for either improper display of your permit or for being unregistered if you did not put the permit on your car. You must present a valid vehicle registration if you register in person. Expired registrations will not be accepted.

You may purchase a duplicate vehicle registration at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles where the registered vehicle owner lives if you have misplaced the one issued to you by New York State DMV. The vehicle must be registered to either yourself or an immediate family member living at the same address.
Permits are not transferable from car to car or from driver to driver.

What forms of payment are accepted?
You may pay by cash, check, credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover), or transfer to student accounts. Inquire at parking services for more information.
What is the procedure for online parking registration?
Payment for online registrations will be by credit card only (Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover). You need to fill out the form online and include your vehicle registration vin (vehicle identification number). Make sure you register in plenty of time (it can take up to 2 weeks) for us to mail out your decal before classes start. You can also pick up your permit at Parking Services. If you choose to pick up your permit at parking services it will be available immediately after you order it. The online address is:
What if you drive a different vehicle on campus?
If you already have a permanent permit for another vehicle, then you need to stop by parking services to obtain a temporary permit at no charge. If you do not have a permanent permit you may get up to seven temporary permits for $1.00 a day per semester.
What are the procedures for handicapped parking?
You must stop at parking services to purchase a permit. Anyone that has been issued a handicapped hang tag or license plate through the city, town, village clerk or police departments may then park in a handicapped parking space.
What does designated parking mean? Do they ever not enforce parking?
The parking lots are divided into three major lot sections being: Commuter - students living off campus Resident - students living on campus Employee - employees Parking is enforced year round, 24/7. If a lot is full you may check other close lots that you are registered for. If you have a resident sticker you must park in a resident lot.
If you have a visitor come stay with you, where do they park, and do they need a permit?
Visitors that are staying with residents need to come to parking services where they can get a permit for $1.00 a day and park in resident lots. When Parking Services is not open you can go to University Police located at Pathfinder Hall to receive a temporary permit.
How do you appeal a ticket?
You must request an appeal within two business days of when the ticket is issued to you.

You have three options to appeal a ticket:

In person - bring the ticket into parking services to set up an appeal.   Parking services will schedule you for a date, time and place of where to appear.

On line - Go to: Appeal a Ticket

In writing

Check the back of your ticket for more information.
Can you still receive a parking permit if you owe parking obligations?
No, you must pay all parking obligations before you can purchase a permanent or temporary permit.
How long do you have to pay a ticket, and does the amount increase if you don't pay it on time?
You have five business days to pay. If you don't pay within five business days the amount will not increase but if you fail to pay after 28 days a "hold" will be put on your account. Banner "holds" for unpaid citations or delinquent deferments for parking permits will prevent registration for future classes as well as hold up requests for transcripts and diplomas until such time as the financial obligation to Parking Services has been paid in full. Once the obligation has been paid in full, the "hold" will be removed within one business day.
Are there other ways to pay for tickets instead of coming in person to parking services?
Yes, you can pay online at or you may send a check to parking services payable to SUNY Oswego. You may also fax your credit card information to parking services. For more information concerning faxing contact parking services. Mail checks to: University Police Parking Services Pathfinder Hall SUNY Oswego Oswego, N.Y. 13126
How many tickets can you get before you are towed?
10 tickets = $200.00 in fines. Students or visitors with this many unpaid violations will be sent a letter at your last known address to advise that your parking privileges have been rescinded until you have paid your fines/deferred fees in full. If you do not pay your fines by the date posted in your tow letter you risk being towed at your expense every time that you park a vehicle in any location on SUNY Oswego property until such time as you have paid your violations in full. You can always check your account on the Parking website to see how many tickets you owe. Tow fees are currently $85.00 but may be more depending on the type of vehicle that you drive and the number of days that you leave the vehicle in the tow operator's impound area. Tow operator's are private companies and as such are within their right's to impose charges as they see fit. If you remove your vehicle from a tow operator's impound area without paying in full the fees that you owe their company you may be arrested.
What are the towing procedures?
Once you are on the tow list and you park on campus you will be towed. To be removed from the tow list you need to pay all your obligations in full.
What happens when a parking lot needs to be plowed because of snow?
Yes we do get snow here at SUNY Oswego. When a Resident Lot needs to be plowed notices will be put up in Resident Halls telling you when the lot will be plowed and where to park your vehicle while the lot is being plowed. All vehicles must be removed from the lot. If your vehicle is in the lot it will be towed.
Finally, for all customers, our parking staff has an obligation to treat all customers with respect and dignity and to answer questions regarding parking procedures, rules and regulations fully and accurately.
Customers should treat parking staff in the same manner. No one likes to receive parking violations, however, that does not entitle students, employees or visitors to treat parking staff in a personally threatening or intimidating manner. Those in violation may be subject to sanctions via the Office of Judicial Affairs or criminal prosecution from the University Police Department depending on the circumstances. All complaints, questions or problems may be directed to the Parking Division at the University Police Parking Services, 315-312-3227 or by email at

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