Parking Citation Appeal Form


Anyone who receives a SUNY Oswego parking citation has the right to appeal
the fine to the hearing officer within two business days of the date of
the citation.   After that time frame if no request has been received at
this office, the citation becomes outstanding (payable).   Appeals forms
will contain all of the pertinent available information regarding the
customer's account to provide a basis for the hearing officer to make a
fair decision regarding the appealed citation.
(See "Considering appealing a ticket" first.)

Please complete the form below; ALL REQUIRED FIELDS MUST BE COMPLETED or we will be
unable to process your request.


Appeal Form

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Your appeal decision will be returned to you at the mailing address you
provided above.  Incomplete and/or erroneous information invalidates your
appeal.  The appeal decision by the Hearing Officer is final; it may not
be re-appealed.