Mail Room Department

Standard Bulk Mail Procedures

The Mail Room has had in effect a program that will Bar Code all standard mail either with a label or by printing the address on the piece.  To use this, you must ask for a disk from the Computer Center in ASCII Comma Delimited Format, instead of labels.  If you maintain your own address list, you must save it in ASCII Comma Delimited Format for PC.

It is Mandatory that all mailings that are not personalized be prepared with a Bar Code, from our program in the Mail Room.  This is in an effort to save the University money.

To alleviate any unnecessary problems you want to make sure that you have the same number of fields for each address, and all County and State Routes need to be spelled out.  City State and Zip Code need to all be separate fields.  An example of this is as follows:

  • Mr. John Doe,123 Union Street,Anywhere,USA,12345

This address has 5 fields separated by commas, so all of the addresses in this file should have 5 fields.  If you have some addresses that have more fields, you will need to add commas to the other addresses to make everything line up correctly.  Here is an example of this:

  • Mr. John Doe,123 Union Street,Anywhere,USA,12345
  • Mrs. John Doe,#1Business Inc.,123 Union Street,Anywhere,USA,12345

The second address had one extra field so the other addresses in this file will need that extra comma where that field is located.

  • Must have a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds
  • All pieces must be exact in weight and content
  • All envelopes must have the Permit #317 indicia on them, or be metered by the Mail Room
  • All envelopes must be sealed, or tucked before coming over to the Mail Room

When our Bar Coding System is not able to be utilized, the mailing must be in Zip Code Order.  The personnel in the Mail Room will break it down for the best possible rates from that point.

If you are preparing a Bulk Mail that is a catalog, 10 X 12 envelope or newspaper, the procedures are a little different.  Due to the complexity of preparing the bulk mail, you will be asked to send your student help over to our Mail Area to put on the address labels, appropriate stickers, and to rubber band the pieces together.  After the student help applies the address labels and appropriate stickers, our personnel will be sure to get your department the best possible rates.