Personal Safety Committee

Increasing personal awareness and safety on campus

Committee Description:

The Personal Safety Committee (PSC) is a standing committee comprised of students, staff, and faculty; and is an advisory to the college president or designee on issues of personal safety. The PSC meets to address concerns focused in three areas of personal safety: violence prevention, education, and victim assistance.

The committee reviews data and policies and safety concerns for the campus. Initiatives are recommended that increase personal awareness and safety on campus. Membership includes University Police, the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance, Mary Walker Health Center, and Facilities and must maintain a minimum of six (6) persons, at least half of whom are female, one-third from students, one-third from the faculty and one-third selected by the President. The chairperson is the Associate Dean of Students for the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance, Lisa Evaneski.

The purpose of the PSC is to promote a safe and violence-free learning environment for SUNY Oswego students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The PSC is charged with reviewing existing policies, procedures, programs, and environmental concerns as well as providing guidance and input for education and prevention initiatives.  
Current sub-committees: Sexual Assault, Bias Related, Addiction, Facilities.

Membership for 2013-2014:

Lisa Evaneski, Committee Chair
Evan Bigam Kathleen Hangac Joshua McKeown
Elizabeth Burns Mary Hoben Rebecca Nadzadi
Katherine Burrow Christy Huynh Jacqueline Phaneuf
Kristine Bushey Jennifer Jaksua Jennifer Rapke
Sheila Cooley Weston Kensinger John Rossi
Maureen Curtin Cristy King Andrew Salvagni
Mary DePentu Starr Knapp Catherine Santos
Eric Foertch Renee Landers-Jennings Frederick Scoles
Carl Foultz Lisa Langlois Michelle Sloan
Jeffrey Grimshaw Jane Leblanc Anthony Smith
Maria Grimshaw-Clark Vince Markowsky Robert Swan
Rhay Guillen Mary McCune Jerald Woolfolk

Our two main goals:

  • Review what is in place and make recommendations
  • Support programming, organizations and departments that have responsibility for safety on campus  

Personal Safety Legislation

New York State Education Law Article 129-a*

Notice to students, staff, and visitors to campus of procedures related to Article 129-a is made available through the publication of The Annual Security Report, disseminated widely on campus on an annual basis, the SUNY Oswego Student Handbook, updated annually, and through presentations at each new student orientation program. Offices of responsibility for updating related information are:

  • Advisory Committee on Campus Security: Associate Dean of Students for the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance and the campus Personal Safety Committee;
  • Sexual Assault Prevention: Associate Dean of Students for the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance and the Personal Safety Committee;
  • Campus Crime Reporting and Statistics: Associate Dean of Students for the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance and Chief of University Police;
  • Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses: Chief of University Police;
  • Bias Related Crime Prevention: Associate Dean of Students for the Office of Student Conduct and Compliance and Assistant Provost for Multicultural Affairs;
  • Prohibition of the Marketing of Credit Cards: Director of Campus Life and Purchasing Officer.

Article 129-A also requires reporting procedures, support services, and campus information/education programs in each of the categories identified in the law: Campus Crime, Sexual Assault, Felony Offenses, Bias Related Crime and Marketing of Credit Cards. Prospective students, parents, current students, and employees may inquire about campus safety or the annual report and may request a copy of the annual report from the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs, 711 Culkin Hall, 312-3214.

Programs that promote campus safety are presented at New Student Orientation and on campus throughout the year. The Personal Safety Committee is the campus organization charged with coordinating the campus response to Section 129-A of the NYS Education law. Members of the Oswego State community are invited to serve on the Personal Safety Committee and for more information, may contact the Office of Judicial Affairs, 503 Culkin Hall.

Clery Act*

In compliance with the Federal Campus Security Act (Clery Act), the annual report includes campus crime statistics. Any member of Oswego State community who has a concern about Oswego State's compliance with provisions of the Federal Campus Security Act may address their concern to the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs, 711 Culkin Hall, 315-312-3214, Oswego State; and further, to the Director of the U. S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, Regional Office, 75 Park Place, Room 1206, New York, NY 10007. To find out more information about the Clery Act go to: . Interested parties may access crime statistics on their website at

The current Annual Security Report can be found on the University Police web site:

Oswego State encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to act responsibly and to be alert to suspicious acts or circumstances which may be harmful and/or illegal. Included in this would be any suspicious person, object or condition that gives rise to a safety concern. Students, faculty, and staff are asked to report incidents and hazards to University Police and/or the appropriate administrative staff or department chair.

*Excerpts from the Student Handbook: