Frequently Asked Questions about Ingeniux

Here's some tips that will help make your Web publishing life here easier.

Question: How do I log into my page to edit it?
Answer: Log into Ingeniux here:

Question: I tried to edit a page but it won't let me! What gives?
Answer: Check these things:

  • Make sure you are authorized by your department to edit the pages. If you need access, ask your department head or director to email
  • Make sure you are using your LakerNet ID username and password.
  • If the page is checked out by someone else, email the webmaster .
  • If none of this helps, call the help desk at 312-3456.

Question: I logged into my page but it won't let me edit anything. What gives?
Answer: Be sure to click the "Check Out & Edit" button first, to enter the editor.

Question: I edited my page but nothing shows up when I look at it on line.
Answer: If you copied and pasted from a Word document, you will need to go back and edit the page. There is a 'paste from Word' button that should be used to remove extra Word code.

Question: How do I delete a file that I don't want any more?
Answer: Right-click on the file name and choose delete. If you delete a file by mistake, email to recover the file.

Question: Why didn't my page publish?
Answer: Did you check it in? Is it marked for publishing? If you answered yes to these questions, contact