Contacts for Facilities Services

Mitch Fields-Associate Vice President


Maintenance Operations Center: 315-312-3200 Building # 12
Director of Maintenance & Operations Mary DePentu
Associate Director for Operations Rebecca Kempney
Trades Manager Vacant
Head Housing Custodial Supervisor Vacant
Head Academic Custodial Supervisor Lori Cook
Head Grounds Supervisor Ronald Randall
Building Trades Construction Supervisor Mark Dixon
Furniture Shop Supervisor Tony Peel
Building Trades Finishes Supervisor Mike Izyk
Fleet Garage Supervisor William DeVito
Office Staff Cynthia DeWolf, Crystal Wayman, Deborah Race
Lee Hall - Utilities: 315-312-3201 Building #4
Associate Director for Utilities Vacant
Utilities Manager John Bricker
Plumbing Supervisor Vacant
HVAC Supervisor Larry Gigon
Electrical Supervisor John Ferlito
Central Heating Plant Kevin Knopp
Office Staff Candy Malone
Major Projects: 315-312-6600 165 Wilber Hall - Building #9
 Sustainability Engineering Coordinator Michael Lotito
 Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Adams
 Construction Coordinator Larry Gettino
 Design Coordinator Tedra Marshall
 Administrative Support Vacant
 Director of Administrative Support Christine McCullough
 Director of Construction Allen Bradberry
 Construction Coordinator Robert Lloyd
 Construction Coordinator Joseph Messmer
 Director of Planning and Design Vacant
 Graphics Coordinator Vacant
 Administrative Support Vacant
Environmental Health & Safety: 315-312-3157 Lee Hall # 4
Director Eric Foertch
Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Christine Body
Fire Marshall Tim Ganey
Office Staff Lisa Drake