Assessment Planning

You can not carry out great assessment without planning and you can not carry out great planning without assessment!

Below are some resources to help you with your assessment projects!

Steps For Carrying Out Outcomes Based Assessment

Step 1: Define the Issue/Problem - what are you interested in learning about!

Step 2: Develop a goal statement based upon issue/problem.

Step 3: Develop measurable outcomes and strategies/action steps in response to your goal statement. Outcomes can be program, operational or learning.

Step 4: Create measurements and assessment strategies for outcomes.

Step 5: Measure outcomes.

Step 6: Interpret and make sense of data from measurements.

Step 7; Report results/findings.

Step 8: Use results and document change.

Repeat! Model is cyclical, not linear!!

Please note: It always ideal to plan for assessment as you are creating or refining programs/services/activities. 

Simple Definitions of Outcomes

Operational outcomes: metrics documenting progression towards a goal (examples would total number of programs, contact hours, attendance)

Learning Outcomes: what students should be able to do or know as a result of a program or activity. (see Learning Outcomes for more detail)

Program outcomes: The desired impact of program, activity or service (an example would be to increase the number of part time students attending SUNY Oswego)

Assessment Glossary - click here (doc) for common terms used in assessment.

Assessment Continuum - click here (doc) to understand different types of assessment efforts.