Waiver Request: Athletic Fee

Intercollegiate Athletic Fee

The athletic fee is not a "user" fee as are some other fees that are being charged to students.  This fee is mandated by the SUNY Board of Trustees and is charged to all matriculated undergraduate students.  This fee is not dependent upon access to athletic events/competitions or participation on athletic teams. 

 Not all of the facilities and programs located on this campus are accessed equally by all students.  Nonetheless, a portion of your tuition and some specific fees are dedicated to the support of those facilities and programs.  There is indirect value to students in so far as those facilities and programs reflect the College's reputation and level of excellence and consequently enhance the degrees awarded by the College.  Just as the value of a SUNY Oswego degree is enhanced by the quality of its library, or its art program and gallery, or the maintenance of its buildings and grounds, so too does the quality of the athletic program reflect our level of achievement and excellence.  It is important that all students who earn degrees from this institution contribute toward the cost of maintaining the high quality which underlies the value of their degrees.  The athletic fee supports the growth of excellence among our competitive NCAA intercollegiate teams that enhances the visibility of our athletic program as well as the image and reputation of the College.

All matriculated students who are working to earn a degree from this College must pay the athletic fee.  Exemptions are only permitted for individuals enrolled in distance learning courses or enrolled for three credits or less and who are not matriculated students and therefore, not earning a degree from Oswego.  

If you are NOT a matriculated student at Oswego, you may request a waiver of the athletic fee.  Please complete the form found by clicking this link  Athletic Fee Waiver and saving the form on your computer as a record for your files.  E-mail the completed and saved form to deanstaf@oswego.edu.   A reply e-mail will confirm your waiver or explain why the waiver was not approved.   Questions may also be directed to the Dean of Students Office at deanstaf@oswego.edu.