Campus Center Program Study Resolution

Posted: March 18, 2002
Within the parameters of the Campus Center project as outlined in the member item allocation and approved by the SUNY Construction Fund, the Campus Concept Committee accepts the Cannon Architects program study for the new Campus Center with the following reservations:
1. Concerns about possible impediments to the smooth flow of pedestrian traffic along the exterior spine or corridor on the south side of Swetman-Poucher and through the new Campus Center.  Particular concerns focus on the proposed locations for the lecture hall/auditorium and the retail space in the new Campus Center.

2. Concerns also focus on the impact the new Campus Center will have on both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking in the center of campus.  Specific concerns refer to the probability of increased vehicular traffic and integrity of the pedestrian spine as it passes in front of Swetman-Poucher and the new Campus Center.  There are also concerns about
traffic flow around the Campus Center, adequacy of parking and access to the rear/north side of the Campus Center.
3. In the Swetman-Poucher program study, the Honors Program, CELT and the Interdisciplinary group should have a designated meeting room/seminar space for use by those groups.
4. Concerns were also registered about the adequacy of food preparation areas, and convenient and accessible eating space in the food court area of the new Campus Center.  One of the major mission goals of the new Campus Center was to serve as a gathering place for all elements of the campus community.  The allocation of spaces on two levels in
the present design scheme seems inadequate to serve that mission given present and future usage patterns.