Campus Center Mission Statement

While serving as the focal point of student activity, the campus center will promote a shared sense of identity and community for the campus inviting faculty, staff and visitors to contribute to its vitality. The Campus Center is the primary venue for the events and celebrations of campus life connecting the learning activities and social activities of students on the campus. Along the central pathway of the campus, the center projects a physical presence that draws attention to its central function while incorporating views of the lake and green spaces. It serves as a crossroads where students and faculty find a haven for social interaction, co-curricular organized activity, co-curricular learning opportunities, events and convocation, and a comfortable oasis between classes and other structured activity. The facility will play a central role in campus-wide events and celebrations. Its design provides a continuous and seamless link to academic and student services in Penfield and Swetman Halls along the east-west pathway of the campus while providing major entrance links to that pathway from the north and south residence approaches. The center will provide for flexible and multipurpose spaces with attention to the creation of character in comfortable spaces taking advantage of natural light.