What do I need to have with me to get a SUNY Oswego ID?
You'll need some form of picture ID, like a drivers license or passport.

Where is the ID & Dining office located?
504 Culkin Hall

What if I lose my ID?
Come to the ID & Dining office to get a new one. The first replacement card is free, $10 thereafter.

What if my ID card will not open building doors?
Please stop by the ID & Dining office and we will check to see if it's functioning properly.

What if my ID card breaks?
Don't throw it out. Bring it to the ID & Dining office to get a new one. The first replacement is free, after that it's $5 with the broken card.

Can I pickup a friend's/child's ID?
No, the cardholder must pick it up.

Can my friends use my ID?
No.  Your ID is yours to use only.  If a person is caught using someone else's ID, the ID will be confiscated.  This is to safeguard any value that may be on the card.

Do ID cards expire?
ID cards do not expire. You do not have to renew your card at the beginning of each year or each semester. Your card is valid for the entire time you are attending the University.

What can I use my ID for?
You can use your ID for many things. It's used for identification across campus for different functions and events and allows you to take books out of the library. It is gives you access to the gym and door access to your dorm. It also is used for meal plans and Plus Plan.

How do I add money to my Plus Plan?
You can call the ID & Dining office at 312-2588 and pay by credit card; use the online form; pick up a deposit envelope in the dining centers, cash operation centers, or ID & Dining office; or come to the office and pay with cash, check, or credit.