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Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Research

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Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Research

Established in 2004, the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Research Center is a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences research and teaching facility that consists of several laboratories in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry on the Oswego campus.

The center is organized around two core facilities, the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Shared Instrument Laboratory and the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Laboratory. The equipment is used by the members of the Center and other interested faculty. Work done in the center includes cancer and anti-diabetic drug discovery, the effects of lead on the cardiovascular system of the youth in Oswego County, ecological and genetic studies of numerous species in the Great Lakes, and other interesting projects.

Additionally, facilities are utilized for teaching undergraduate courses in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. Approximately 250 students per year use the facilities in laboratory courses, and 20 students per year participate in supervised research projects.

Courses Associated with the Center

• Cellular and Molecular Foundations -------------------------------------------- BIO 120
• General Physiology Lab ------------------------------------------------------- ZOO 321
• Independent Study -------------------------------------------------------- BIO 399/499
• Proteomics ------------------------------------------------------ BIO 401; CHE 401/501
• Biochemistry I Lab -------------------------------------------------------- CHE 461/561
• Biochemistry II Lab ----------------------------------------------------- CHE 462L/562L
• Instrumental Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------- CHE 425
• Research in Biology ------------------------------------------------------------ BIO 492
• Honors Senior Thesis ----------------------------------------------------------- BIO 497