Lake-Effect Storm Prediction & Research Center (LESPaRC)


We have over 30 computers with numerical forecast model data and internet access in the meteorology lab in 380 Shineman Center and 4 observational decks on the roof of the Shineman Complex. The faculty have received a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the NSF to obtain ~$160,000 worth of state-of-the-art meteorological equipment to measure the surface and upper-air properties of the near lake atmosphere.  We have a continuous field research project with this and other equipment and the data will also aid in forecasting storms such as lake-effect snow band initiation, placement, and intensity.

weather tower

A 10-m tower is located 30 m from the Lake Ontario shoreline on the campus and measures temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, visibility, precipitation type and amount.

releasing the weather balloon

Weather Balloon Launch by Dr. Scott Steiger