Lake-Effect Storm Prediction & Research Center (LESPaRC)

Mission and Goals

Mission and Purpose

The Meteorology Program at SUNY Oswego has been a leader in research and forecasting of the atmosphere and weather, principally due to its unique position next to Lake Ontario.  At SUNY Oswego students can study unique weather phenomena such as lake-effect snow as well as water spouts.  The Lake-Effect Storm Prediction & Research Center (LESPaRC), fulfills three goals: to create more opportunities for student research, to provide clients with helpful weather forecasting information, and to create connections between other academic institutions such as SUNY Brockport, Oneonta, and Cornell, and other forecasting programs such as the National Weather Service in Buffalo and Binghamton.

LESPaRC has created many opportunities for students to gain experience in researching complex weather phenomena such as Lake Effect Snow.  The Meteorology program teaches students how to observe and predict weather features, and LESPaRC allows for students to take the next step and use their findings and knowledge to assist weather-sensitive clients in decision making.  It is a fundamental step in the learning process of Meteorology students to forecast the weather on a consistent basis.


Contact Information 
Dr. Scott Steiger
366 Shineman Center
Department of Earth Sciences
SUNY Oswego