Institute for Global Engagement

The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) promotes scholarly and creative collaborations to expand world awareness, deepen intercultural understanding, foster respect for diversity and difference, and seeks solutions for a better world.

The Institute for Global Engagement is an active network of the many people, offices, programs and committees at SUNY Oswego committed to expanding world awareness and global engagement. The Institute provides a venue for interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaborations, supports scholarly and creative activities, encourages professional development and student learning, secures funding for initiatives, and recognizes excellence in global engagement for creating a better world.

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Upcoming Events in February 2014: 

February 20th, 12:45-2PM, Campus Center 114: "Market reform, poverty, and the Effects on Cuban civil society" Lisa Glidden, Political Science 

February 20th, 6-730PM, Campus Center 132: Change and Tradition in the Education of Indian Women, Cristina Ioana Dragomir, Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science 

February 24th, 7PM, Campus Center 132: Hannah Arendt (2012), Directed by Margarethe Von Trotta 

February 27th, 5:30-7:30PM, 114 Campus Center "Sanctioning Iran, Invading Libya, Destroying Gaza:  Impunity and the Post-Sovereign Politics of Occupation" Sayres Rudy, Bryn Mawr College


Membership in the Institute includes anyone on campus contributing to internationalization at SUNY Oswego through related programs, committees, or other projects. Members teach in programs that integrate global, international and intercultural knowledge and skills. They are doing research on international topics or with international collaborators. They mentor students seeking global opportunities, take students abroad, work with international students and visiting scholars, and plan cultural programs for the campus.

Coordinating Board

The Director of the Institute for Global Engagement convenes the Coordinating Board. Faculty members and program directors/chairs representing the offices and programs most involved with global engagement at SUNY Oswego have a seat on the Coordinating Board. In addition, the chairs of the IGE and Phi Beta Delta Honarary  will be represented on the board.


For more information about the Institute for Global Engagement or to become involved in the Institute, please contact:

Professor Susan Coultrap-McQuin, Ph.D.
316 Campus Center (office); 231 Campus Center (Institute Office) or (315) 312-3071