Old GenEd: Writing

BIO 392 Problems in Biology (all sections except Ecological Techniques) 

BIO 400 Current Issues in Environment and Population Biology 

BIO 492 Problems in Biology (all sections except Ecological Techniques)

ZOO 490 Seminar 

Business Administration

ACC 431 Taxation of Business Entities

MGT 300 Effective Business Writing

MGT 395 International Business

MGT 469 Cultural Environment of Intl. Business

MKT 390 International Marketing


CHE 334L Organic Chem. Lab 

All 3 labs must be taken to meet the 3-hour requirement 

CHE 341L Physical Chem.Lab 

CHE 342L Physical Chem.Lab 

CHE 475 Geochemistry

Communication Studies

COM 310 Semantics

COM 360 Persuasion

COM 420 Speech Criticism

COM 422 Intercultural Communication

COM 460 Studies in Persuasion

Computer Science 

CSC 458 Computer Systems Analysis & Design

ISC 300 Problems in Information Science

Earth Sciences 

GEO 420 Stratigraphy and Sedimentology 

GEO 440 Paleontology 

GEO 475 Geochemistry 

MET 497 Seminar 


ECO 322 History of Economic Doctrines

ECO 326 American Economic History 

ECO 330 Economic Development 


EDU 301 Foundations of Education 


ENG 302 Advanced Composition

ENG 366 Literary Criticism

EWA 308 Creative Writing:Non-Fiction

Modern Languages

any 340 FRE, GER, RUS, SPA Lit. in Translation

RUS 350 19th Century Russian Literature

RUS 351 20th Century Russian Literature


HIS 322 Europe in 19th Century

HIS 336 American Intellectual History

HIS 360 American Hist. through Biography

HIS 365 The Birth of Modern America

HIS 416 Seminar in Medieval History

HIS 424 Seminar in Modern European History

HIS 430 Seminar in the Russian Revolution

HIS 450 Seminar in U.S. History since 1865

HIS 452 Sem. in Regional & Local U.S. History

HIS 482 Seminar in Third World History


MAT 300 History of Mathematics


MUS 310 Music History Survey I

MUS 311 Music History Survey II

MUS 317 Evolution of Jazz and Rock


PHL 311 Formal Logic III

PHL 313 Philosophy of Language

PHL 314 Existentialism

PHL 317 Philosophy of Religion

PHL 360 Philosophy of the Middle Ages

PHL 363 Philosophy of Marxism

PHL 442 Social Philosophy

PHL 448 Sex, Love, and Friendship

PHL 450 Current Topics in Philosophy Seminar

PHL 460 History of Philosophy Seminar


PHY 323L Modern Physics Lab

PHY 352L Electrical Measurements Lab

PHY 430, 431, 432 Advanced Labs

Political Science

POL 497 Seminar in Political Science 


HDV 400 Research Designs Human Develop.

PSY 401 Perception 

PSY 402 Learning

PSY 403 Neuropsychology

PSY 404 Motivation

PSY 405 Cognition

Public Justice

PBJ 401 Seminar in Public Justice


TED 309 Technical Writing 


THT 471 Elizabethan Theatre

THT 472 Theatre of Tragedy

THT 473 Theatre of Comedy

Vocational-Technical Education

VTE 444 Serving Special Needs Learners