Old GenEd: Western Heritage


Approved Combinations
Art - Both

ART 250 Survey of Art I

ART 251 Survey of Art II

Literature - Both

ENG 210 Literature I

ENG 211 Literature II

History - Both

HIS 230 W. Heritage I

HIS 231 W. Heritage II

Music - Both

MUS 210 Survey of Music I

MUS 211 Survey of MusicII

Philosophy - one combination

PHL 235 History of Ancient Phil

PHL 236 History of Modern Phil 


PHL 295 History of W. Sci Tech. I 

PHL 296 History of W. Sci. Tech II

Political Science - Both

POL 213 W. Pol Thgt, Plato to Mach

POL 313 Modern Pol Thgt, Hobbes to Mill

Theatre - Both

THT 262 Global Herit.: Western Tht.

THT 263 Global Herit.: East & Ethnic Tht