Old GenEd: Human Diversity




Students will be required to demonstrate as part of their degree program General Education approved courses or their approved equivalent (e.g., some overseas study programs, designated internships, and certain student teaching placements) from two out of three of the following areas:

A*** Race and Gender in U.S. Society

B*** Global-International Awareness

C*** Geographical Focus: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Pacific Islands, South America

Area A*** - Courses on Race and Gender in U.S. Society are those which encourage student awareness and understanding of defined minority groups (African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans) and Women. Such courses will include a focus on issues of prejudice, bias, and discrimination.

Area B*** - Global-International Awareness courses are those which foster in students an understanding and appreciation of the similarities and differences in diverse cultures, the recognition of our world as an interdependent global community, and the sensitivity to cross-cultural differences and divergent perspectives among people from different backgrounds.

Area C*** - Geographical courses are those which increase student understanding and knowledge of the culture, values, history, customs, lifestyle, and heritage of important areas of our global community in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Pacific Islands, and South America.

- Students who major in Elementary Education fulfill one requirement in Area A upon completion of all the courses in their professional program.

- Overseas Programs of International Studies might fulfill an Area B or C requirement; check with your Advisor or the Gen Ed Director.

Students must take two courses, in different areas.


Course # Course Title 

ANT 300 Women and Culture
ANT 442 Races and Minorities 
BRC 350 Children, Women & Minorities in the Media 
COM 322 Female-Male Communication 
ENG 237 Ethnicity & Cultural Difference in Literature 
ENG 337 Topics in American Ethnic Literature: Afro-Amer.Lit., Jewish-Amer.Lit.,Native Amer.Lit.
HDV 120 Fundamentals of Gerontology 
INT 211 Oral Interpretation of Culturally Diverse Literature 
MUS 316 American Music 
MUS 317 The Evolution of Jazz & Rock 
PED 325 Women in Sport 
PHL 348 Philosophy and Feminism 
POL 415 Women and Politics 
POL 120/ Race & Gender in United States Society: 

 Course # Course Title 

PSY 120 Political and Psychological Considerations
PSY 200 Topics in Human Behavior: Lifespan Human Development
PSY 210 Prejudice in America: Origins and Remedies 
SOC 250 Structures of American Society 
SOC 300 Women and Culture 
SOC 354 Political Sociology 
SOC 381 Gender in American Society 
SOC 442 Races and Minorities 
SPA 352 Survey of Spanish American Literature A 
SPA 353 Survey of Spanish American Literature B 
SPA 447 The Spanish American Novel 
SPA 448 Short Fiction of Spanish America/Spanish American Fiction
TED 201 Introduction to Teaching Technology 
WST 200 Introduction to Women's Studies


Course # Course Title 

ANT 230 Introduction to Archeology 
ANT 250 Comparative Societies 
ANT 280 Human Evolution: Intro to Physical Anthro. 
ANT 301 Literary Anthropology: The West & The Rest 
ANT 366 Crime and Culture 
ANT 452 Magic and Religion 
ART 357 Women and the Visual Arts 
CHE 209 Chemistry and Public Concern 
CHE 300 Environmental Science 
COM 422 Intercultural Communication 
ECO 330 Economic Development 
ENG 338 Contemporary Literature of Islamic World 
HIS 150 History of Religion 
HIS 212 Women in History 
HIS 482 Ghandi & Non-Violent Strategies 
MAT 103 Symmetry and Culture 
MGT 200 Understanding Business in a Global Context

Course # Course Title 

MGT 395 International Business 
MET 300 Applied Meteorology 
MKT 390 International Marketing 
MUS 101 Introduction to the Worlds of Music 
PHL 220 Theory of Knowledge 
PHY 205 Energy and Environment 
PHY 303 Cultural Diversity in Science 
POL 207 Comparative Politics 
POL 209 International Politics 
POL 359 The Nation-State & Global Order 
POL 417 Politics of Modernization 
SOC 210 Foundations of Sociological Theory 
SOC 310 Contemporary Sociological Theory 
SOC 341 Social Inequality & Stratification 
TED 310 Technology and Civilization 
THT 308 Women in Theatre 
WST 300 International Perspectives on Women 
ZOO 302 Human Genetics


Course # Course Title 

ANT 200 Multicultural Dialogs: The Field Experience 
ANT 331 World Famous Archeological Sites 
ANT 371 Culture Area Studies: Peoples of the Amazon 
ANT 372 Peoples and Cultures of China 
ANT 375 North American Indians 
ANT 376 Peoples of the South Pacific 
ART 359 Art of Sub-Saharan Africa 
ART 368 Chinese Art 
ART 369 Japanese Art 
ART 490 Readings & Research: Japanese Art 
ART 490 Readings & Research: Far Eastern Calligraphy 
ENG 382 Modern African Literature

Course # Course Title 

HIS 208 Modern Asia 
HIS 209 Traditional Asia & its Legacy 
HIS 305 The Eastern Religious Tradition 
HIS 383 Modern China 
HIS 385 Modern Japan 
HIS 387 Modern South Asia 
HIS 389 History of the Middle East 
POL 327 African Politics 
POL 339 U.S. - Latin American Relations 
POL 347 Chinese Politics and Government 
POL 357 Latin American Politics 
RUS 200 Who are the Russians 
SPA 340 Women's Studies - Latin American Women Authors