Faculty FAQ

A student contacted me asking for a recommendation. What should I do?

    1.  Visit our application here.
    2.  Log-in using your LakerNet ID and password.
    3.  Follow the instructions to fill out a "Recommendation."

      A student did well in my class. How do I recommend the student to become a tutor?

          1.  Email the student suggesting that they should apply at the Office of Learning Services. Include this link to our application in the email: https://www.oswego.edu/ols-apps/
          2.  Students should log-in using their LakerNet ID and password, then follow instructions to fill out a "Tutor Application."
          3.  If the student accepts your offer, follow the above instructions to submit a recommendation for the student.

            What courses are offered for tutoring?

            Courses offered for walk-in tutoring are listed on the Schedule Page, as well as the Learning Center and Mathematics and Science Center webpages. Couse selections are based on course demand and tutor availability.  If your course does not appear, please contact the OLS director at 315-312-2571.

            What if I have a student who needs assistance with writing?

            Writing assistance is provided by the Writing Center. Writing tutors are available to assist students throughout the entire writing process, helping them to understand the nature of the assignment, the stylistic aspects of the assignment and discipline, as well as teach them how to produce well-written English.

            When is my course tutored?

            The walk-in tutoring schedule can be found on the Schedule Page.

            Can I reference OLS in my syllabus?

            YES! We are more than happy to assist as many students as needed, and we would appreciate any efforts to spread awareness of tutoring services on campus. Students requiring assistance should register at https://www.oswego.edu/ols-apps/ and submit a "Tutoring Services Request." Students who wish to become tutors should visit the same link and submit a "Tutor Application."