Visiting Artists Series

Art Department Visiting Artist Series, Spring 2015            

Ken Woodworth, Tuesday, March 3rd, 2:20 pm, Location TBD
With more than 13 years of working on the web, Ken Woodworth has experienced the evolution of web design - from table-based layouts, to the web standards movement, to the responsive world of today.
Ken has a gift for creating beautiful, intuitive design systems for even the most complex requirements, and his design capabilities are matched by a thorough understanding and ability in multiple front-end technologies.

Juana Valdes, Tuesday, April 7th, 6:00 pm, 132 Marano Center
Juana Valdes' artwork is grounded in a multi-disciplinary practice that combines the process of printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramic. It integrates the social-political discourse within the art object to analyze relationships between contemporary and historical imagery and their connection to the social, political and economic dominance of the cultures that produce them and their impact on cultural memory. Valdes' work traces, recollects, and records her personal experience as a Cuban-American immigrant.

Juan Iribarren, Tuesday, April 21st, 6:00 pm, 132 Marano Center
Working within the legacy of abstraction in painting, Juan Iribarren is interested in that seemingly impossible and contradictory juxtaposition of geometry, the luminous and the atmospheric. Iribarren conceives his works to be experienced as abstract paintings, even though each one refers to a specific visual event to which it remains strictly faithful.

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