Visiting Artists Series

Spring 2014

James Downer, Monday, February 17th, 7pm. 132 Campus Center
James Downer is an artist, animator, illustrator, designer and professor of graphic design. Downer's wide range of life-experiences and unique personality result in work that is unpretentious, unpredictable and often humorous with banal subject matter presented in a bold graphic style n the tradition of Pop Art.

Gina Occhiogrosso, Wednesday, February 26th, 7pm. 132 Campus Center
Gina Occiogrosso's paintings of the past several years depict unsettled spaces, and began with a project about the unraveling of her childhood home. Currently, she explores the unsettled landscape we live in - specifically the post-industrial, post-apocalyptic, and post-optimistic landscape.

Ben Godward, Wednesday, March 12th, 7pm. 132 Campus Center
Ben Godward is a sculptor living in New York who crates abstract, drippy, psychedelic forms with florescent resin that contrast with geometric, metal armatures. My sculptures respond to the slick and saturated media of the world we live in. They are reflections of myself, contradictory and impulsive. Carry references to food, sex, and toxic sludge in their bright organic formations of foam, they are exacerbations of material excess and imperial gluttony. -BG

Glenn Zansitis,  Wednesday, March 5th, 132 Campus Center, 7pm
Entrepreneur Glenn Zansitis is the owner of a custom screen-printing business and a self-taught graphic and clothing designer based in Oswego. Zansitis is embodiment of the "DIY" spirit and works with customers hand-in-hand to see their unique visions of wearable art come to fruition. Glenn is a firm believer in the role art and music can play in creating a sense of community.

Endi Poskovic, Tuesday April 1st, 2014, 7pm. 132 Campus Center
Endi Poskovic's prints embrace dazzling palettes, bold patterns and repeated forms that are as surrealistic as they are expressive. Surreal, dramatic , brilliantly hued and full of imagery, Endi Poskovic's woodcuts simultaneously rekindle folklorist tradition in a nostalgic visual language, enveloping viewers in their fantastical, mythical environment and are a testament to the artist's mastery of the medium of woodcut. 

Edward Mayer, Tuesday, April 15th, 2014, 7pm. 132 Campus Center
Edward Mayer is an installation artist whose work employs non-traditional materials and questions the concept of art as commodity. Over a nearly 40 year artist journey, his work has consistently remained engaging and unexpected. Full of paradox, his installations also explore concepts of permanence and decay and the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space and art and architecture