51st Annual Juried Exhibition, Accepted Artworks

51st Annual Juried Exhibition, Accepted Artworks
Opening Reception, Friday, Jan 31st, 5-7pm
(Awards Ceremony @ 6pm)

Pick up works not accepted:               •    Tues., Jan. 28, & Wed., Jan. 29, 11:30 - 3:00 • Room 34 Tyler

Pick up exhibited works:                      •   Monday, March 3rd & Tuesday, March 4th, 11:30 - 3:00 • Tyler Art Gallery (North)

(Please proof-read your name and title so that we can have accurate wall labels)

1.  Taisha Laird                       "Eileen Gilligan.giff"
2.  Alfred McEvoy                   "Transformation of Lester Goldman"
3.  Christoher Jankouski        "Crystalline Water"
4.  Allison Rhode                     "Toppings"
5.  Allison Rhode                     "Dream a Dream"
6.  Zach Wilson                       "Dreadnaught"
7.  Mackenzie Gillett              "Sophie's Sweets Truffle Package"
8.  Beth Burke                         "My Monotonous Life"
9.  Kim Kittleson                     "Woven Whites"
10.  Stephanie Armour           "Allie"
11.  Joel Dodge                         "Pre-teen wolf"
12.  Olivia Allen                       "Tyler Landscape"
13.  Taylor Clock                      "Moments (a Photographic Series)
14.  Taylor Clock                      "Body and Mind"
15.  Julio Valenzuela               "Aphasia"
16.  James Leach                     "Master Copy of an Untitled Piece by Henrik Aarrestad Vldalex"
17.  Amanda Blakely               "Shine"
18.  Amanda Blakely              "Skull & Poppies"
19.  Tianna Powers                 "Heirloom"
20.  Tianna Powers                "Faculty Portrait Michael Flanagan"
21.  Katelyn Luce                    "The Things They Carry"
22.  Katelyn Luce                   "Speak"
23.  Alexandra Leclerc         "Floral Anatomy"
24.  Alexandra Leclerc         "Unlocking Nature"
25.  Pauline Lam                  "Alzheimer's Recollection"
26.  Lana Slinkard                "Empty Vessel"
27.  Lana Slinkard                "Sin of the Centaur"
28.  Kyle Gilyard                 "Shoe #1"
29.  Lindsay Pesner              "Slip"
30.  Morgan Rook                 "Obscured Clarity"
31.  Tom Rigney                   "Judith Ann Benedict Portrait Sequence"
32.  Tom Rigney                  "Portrait of a Troll"
33.  Sarah Theobald           "Determination"
34.  Daniela Rosario            "Self-Portrait"
35.  Gianna Putrino              "Alyssa"
36.  Sean Gnau                     "Alzhiemer's Portrayal "
37.  Brandon Wilcox            "Morgan Rook:Portrait as a Metaphor"
38.  Sabrina Hood                 "Layers of Time"
39.  David Owens                "Uncle Sheldon"
40.  David Owens               "Layers of Arizona"
41.  David Owens               "Oswego Fragmented"
42.  Joel N. Dodge               "Monkey Business"
43.  Mackenzie Gillett          "Post Modern Birdhouse"
44.  Crystal Flowers                "The Bird is Here"
45.  Marissa Specioso          "Birdhouse"
46.  Alicia Madonna              "Birdies Cottage"
47.  Jonathan Jaszcar         "Among The Birds"
48.  Jonathan Shyne             "Cat Love"
49.  Desirae Collins               "Fat"
50.  Kristy Hoover                 "Death to Life
51.  Daniel Lynch                     "The Hybrid"
52.  Desirae Collins              "Weightless"
53.  Brian Reilly                   "Evidence"
54.  Zandra Kaye                 "Compass"
55.  Allicia Parrott                "Left Behind"
56.  Allicia Parrott                  "M.I.A."
57.  Liz Raymonda               "Subjectivity"
58.  Samantha Kaye              "Behind the Veil"
59.  Samantha Kaye               "Identity Crisis: Tumblr_Famous_Slut"
60.  Danielle White                 "Coupe"
61.  Jillian Meisenzahl             "Jane"
62.  Liz Raymonda                   "Fluidity"