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MOST Mentors for 2014-2015

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole Rotunno and I am one of SUNY Oswego's Transfer mentors! I am a Communications and Social Interactions major and I transferred to SUNY Oswego from Onondaga Community College in the fall of 2013. I am now a senior and I will be graduating in May 2015. 

  I have joined the Transfer mentor program because; I have experienced what it is like to be a transfer student. When I transferred to SUNY Oswego, I found it very helpful having a mentor who was once in my position, offering to help me out with any questions or problems that I might of had. Attending a new school can be difficult, and very different from your last school. As to why it is a transfer mentor's duty to provide supporting advice and helpful answers to any questions that new transfer students may have. I am a really good listener, and I am willing to help new transfer students with any questions or problems that they may have! My hopes for all transfer students are to have a relaxed and successful start to their first semester, at SUNY Oswego!   Favorite Class Do Far and Why: My favorite class so far has to be Interpersonal Communication (COM 212). This class is a requirement for my major, as I believe it should be a requirement for all students. This class teaches you how to be a better communicator, as well as build strong interpersonal relationships. I found this class interesting because of the fact that it teaches you about yourself, and the people around you. You learn skills based off real life experiences, as to why I enjoyed it so much. This class can teach you skills that are necessary for you to want to carry on for a lifetime. Interpersonal communication is the intro class to the Advanced Interpersonal Communication course (COM 412), in which I recommend taking after gaining knowledge in COM 212 and I promise you that you will not regret it!   Best Experience So Far: One of my best experiences at Oswego was the fact that you meet a lot of new people! Coming from a community college where I commuted, it was harder to meet people and build friendships. As a transfer, and living in the Oswego area, it is easier to meet people, get involved in clubs/activities, and maintain friendships.   One Piece of Advice for a New Transfer Student: As a transfer, do not be afraid to try new things and get involved in clubs and activities. Attend campus Club Fairs where you can see all the variety of Clubs that Oswego has to offer. As a transfer I joined the Del Sarte Dance Club, and it has been another one of my favorite experiences.   Favorite Movie: Baby Mama Favorite Musical Artist: Drake, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Migos, etc. I just like a variety of music and artist, so it is too hard to choose just one specifically!

Hello transfer students! 

My name is Amber Christensen and I transferred to Oswego from Monroe Community college. I love dogs, coffee and am always up for an adventure no matter how small it may seem! I love all types of music, even though country is my favorite, and my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. My favorite experience at Oswego so far would have to be when I moved into my suite in Onondaga hall. I met a lot of great people that day and the RA's were very helpful. Oswego is a great place to be and feels like home to me! Don't hesitate to email me any questions or if you just wanna grab a cup of coffee and chat!

Hello!   I'm Na Kyung Kwon, but I prefer people calling me "NK" because it sounds like "OK".   I transfered from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea.   This is my second semester of Junior this fall- my major is Graphic design.   My one piece of advice for a new transfer student is - "Always be open-minded!".

Hi! My name is Mareena Razik. I am a Creative Writing here at SUNY Oswego and I transferred from SUNY Cobleskill with my A.A. in Humanities. I'm going to be a Senior this fall.

Best experience at Oswego so far... I've had a lot of great experiences thus far in Oswego but I think that the best experiences I've had are mostly due to the amazing people I've met. I can't pinpoint any one exact moment, everything is kind of wrapped up in one amazing experience. Favorite class so far and why... My favorite class since transferring would have to be the Poetry class I took this past semester. I learned so much about the style and myself through this class. I rediscovered my passion for writing with this class, and I found a voice within myself that I didn't even think I had.   One piece of advice for a new transfer student... If I could offer one of advice for a new transfer student I would tell them to take chances, as many chances as they can because you honestly never know what may come out of it. Don't be afraid of making mistakes or messing something up the first go around. You have time to figure it out. Be patient and go with the flow.   Favorite movie.... As someone who is passionate about writing and working with words and language on a page I don't have a favorite movie. I fall in love with too many different things like characters, scripts and plot lines. Movies that I will forever be fond of include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Stardust, Moulin Rouge and The Goonies and The Breakfast Club. Favorite musical artist... Music touches another part of my creative soul. I listen to a lot of hipster/underground/alternative/indie music and I am not ashamed of it. I love The Cold War Kids, London Grammar, Tom Odell, Blind Pilot, and Two Door Cinema Club. My all-time favorite band is The Goo Goo Dolls.

Hi everyone, my name is Cheryl Goewey and I transferred from American Military University. My majors are Adolescent Education with a concentration in math and Math. I am also working on a minor in Music. I was in the U.S. Army Band for six years and while I was in I finished my Associates in General Studies. My best experience at Oswego so far was performing Young Frankenstein for the High School kids. That was interesting and very loud! My favorite class so far has been Matrix Algebra because I have always been great at math and this was the first class that truly challenged the way I think about math. I almost reconsidered my major; however, it finally clicked about a third of the way in and it became one of my favorite classes. I have two pieces of advise for a new transfer student. If you are like me and married, find a place to live first and well in advance to coming to the school. If you are single/ married and already have a place to live, work on the transferring of credits! Even when the semester starts stay on top of your transfer credits. It took me a whole semester to get all my possible transfer credits and it was because I did not keep on top of it in the beginning like I could have. I hope you have a great and smooth transition into SUNY Oswego and I look forward to answering any questions you may have! Welcome to Oswego!

Miaojun Zhang

Major: Risk Management and Insurance Transferred from: Shanghai Normal University, P. R. China Best experience at Oswego so far: Relaxed myself on the May Day weekend with my best friends because all the activities were so funny and enjoyable. Favorite class so far and why: I really enjoyed the time when I took the Introduction to Statistics B (MAT 258) with Professor Lily Amadi. She is really organized and makes the statistics materials easy to understand. Before I took this class, I was afraid of the formulas and functions, but now I am fascinated about mathematics. One piece of advice for a new transfer student: Making the good use of time and taking the advantage of the resources that the Oswego offers. And do not hesitate to ask for help and advice. Favorite movie: 3 Idiots Favorite musical artist: One Republic

Hello! I'm Lauren Lasky and I'm a MOST Mentor! I am a Public Relations major with dual minors in Spanish and Business Administration who transferred to SUNY Oswego from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  1. Best experience at Oswego so far...the amazing opportunities I have been able to experience and the great friends I've made so far! 2. Favorite class so far and why...BRC 108 with Professor Ritzenthaler. He's a really cool teacher that encourages you look at things in a unique and different way 3. One piece of advice for a new transfer student...join clubs right away and take advantage of any opportunities to grow and enhance yours skills! College flies by, so make the most of your time here! Oswego has so much to offer! 4. Favorite movie...Anchorman 5. Favorite musical artist...Matchbox Twenty, Daughtry, Train...I couldn't decide!

Hi, my name is Geoff McCarthy, I am Majoring in Risk Management and Insurance, and I transferred in from Dutchess Community College. 

1. My best experiences so far at Oswego has been living in Onondaga Hall and joining the Rugby team.  2. My favorite class so far has been Risk Management Problems and cases, because of Professor MacDonald and the way he does everything he can to be there and help his students.  3. One piece of advice I would give to transfer students, would be to step out of your comfort zone and meet as many new people as you can. Enjoy the experience of college and make sure you still get your work done.  4. My favorite movie just about anything with Adam Sandler or Gerard Butler. 5. Favorite Artist would be: A Day to Remember, Eminem, Martin Garrix or anyone in between. 

Hi! I'm Hannah Joy. I'm a Graphic Design major and Creative Writing minor who transferred from

SUNY Adirondack. Best Experience at Oswego: Being involved with BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) and being able to work backstage during the spring concert. Favorite Class so far and why: Introductory and Intermediate Screenwriting with Jamie Adams. She's an awesome professor and I loved the workshop atmosphere of the class. Advice for transfer students: Get involved on campus. There's a club for almost anything you might be interested in and the transition to a new school is way easier if you can find people with similar interests. Favorite movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Zombieland, and The Goonies. Favorite Musical Artist: House of Heroes, Green Day, and Led Zeppelin

Kaitlyn Rajner

  1.    Best experience at Oswego so far...             My best experience so far was participating in NYC POV. I had the opportunity to learn from professionals in al different areas of PR. It helped me decide which direction I want to go in my career and I learned a lot of helpful tips on how to be successful. 2.    Favorite class so far and why...             Interpersonal Communication was one of my favorite classes. It showed how understanding other's emotions could help create beneficial/positive relationships, which is an important part of PR. 3.    One piece of advice for a new transfer student...             Get involved on campus! Whether it's a club or a sport for campus recreation, being involved on campus will help students meet people and make connections. 4.    Favorite movie....             I love 80's movies.. Footloose is one of my favorites! 5.    Favorite musical artist... I listen to a little bit of everything. I'm obsessed with Zac Brown Band lately.

Hey y'all. My name is Brittany Marino I am a senior at SUNY Oswego and majoring in Human Resource Management. I transferred from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. My best experience at Oswego is getting to play in all of the snow(don't see a lot in the south)! HRM 386 with Professor Fellows has been my favorite class so far, she is a phenomenal teacher and all of the information is really interesting. The key to succeed when being a transfer student is making sure you take all the opportunities you get in order to experience everything that the school has to offer. My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. My favorite musical artist is the Spice girls!
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Hi, I'm a transfer from SUNY Rockland Community College. I transferred with an Associates in Secondary Education in which prepared me for my major at SUNY Oswego. I am currently a senior in the Technology Education program. SUNY Oswego has just finished building Park Hall in which they have included state of the art machines. This allows me to learn with the best equipment in the field of technology. My best experience at Oswego so far would be participating in clubs and intramural sports. My favorite class so far at Oswego is Materials Processing and Fabrication (TEL 203) for the reason that there is a lot of hands on work in an excellent lab with a great professor. The best piece of advice I can give for a new transfer student is to be involved as much as possible, it will make college so enjoyable. My favorite movie is Braveheart and my favorite musical artist is Tim McGraw.