Center for Experiential Learning

Registration for Summer 2014 internship credit has ended.  

Returning students can receive credit in the fall if they have secured a fall internship, please visit our Fall Internship page for more information

Summer 2015 Internship Program

Internships for summer are preplanned and each student intern is required to develop a learning agreement.  Learning agreements need to be submittted to our office by the first week in July. 

Information on earning academic credit for a Summer 2015 internship will be available in March of 2015.

Experience-Based Education offers academic credit for summer internships (registration by the first week in July is required).  Students can intern while they are home for the summer or spend the summer in a major metropolitan area.  Summer internships are billed by the credit hour with payment typically due the first week in July (Current tuition rates can be found here).

Course Offerings

Course Specifics

Learning Agreements


Course Offerings

GST 303 is open to all students in good academic standing and is available for 2-6 credits.  Students enroll and particpate in the GST 303 online course while they complete their internship work hours.  Students can earn a maximum of 6 GST 303 credits towards their degree.

GST 498 or Departmental 498 level internship credit programs are open to Juniors and Seniors with a 2.5 GPA.  Students work directly with a faculty sponsor (faculty sponsor list) within their major to determine the academic component of their internship.  Students can earn up to 15 internship credits towards their degree.

GST 691 credit is available for graduate students accepted into a SUNY Oswego Graduate Degree Program.  

See how many credits you can earn for your summer internship

Course Specifics

GST 303 GST or Dept. 498 (Dept. credit is within your major for example:  BUS 498, JLM 498, etc.) GST 691
Prerequisites:  2.0 GPA Prerequisites: 2.5 GPA & Junior/Senior Standing Required Prerequisites: Acceptance into a SUNY Oswego Graduate Degree Program
Upper Division Arts & Sciences Elective Upper Division All College Elective or Departmental Credit (credit within your major) Graduate Elective Credit
Academic Component:  Online Career Awareness Course June 30 - August 15 Academic Component:  Work directly with a faculty sponsor within your major to determine academic assignments Academic Component:  Same as 498
Available for 2-6 Credits Available for 1-12 credits Available for 2-6 Credits

Grading Mode: Letter Graded

Shows on Transcript as "GST 303 Career Awareness"

Grading Mode:  Awarded a Pass/Fail Grade that does not calculate into your GPA.  Grade assigned is H-Honors, S-Satisfactory, or U-Unsatisfactory

Shows on Transcript as "Internship"

Same as 498

Shows on Transcript as "Graduate Internship"

The registration deadline for summer internship credit is the first week in July!

Learning Agreements

All summer interns will develop a learning agreement (learning agreeements will be available when Summer 2015 internship registration begins).    The learning agreement is a required component of the summer internship program and must be submitted to Experience-Based Education. Your learning agreement will include the following information:

-Your internship site information
-The type of credit and number of credits you will earn
-Your position responsibilities at your internship site
-Your learning objectives (what you hope to learn from your experience)
-The academic component of your internship (what academic assignments you will be required to complete)
-The required approval signatures

Learning Agreements must be turned in to Experience-Based Education by the first week in July!


1.  Secure a summer internship and get the information on your internship site (Company name, address, phone, supervisor's name and email).

2.  Consult with your academic advisor to determine the credit type and number of credits you would like to earn.

3.  Determine who your faculty sponsor will be: 

  • For 498 and 691, secure a faculty sponsor from within your major who will sponsor your summer internship.  Faculty sponsors will determine the academic assignments you will be required to complete and assign a final grade for your internship experience.   Click here for a list of faculty sponsors.
  • The instructor of GST 303 will serve as the faculty sponsor for students taking that course. 

4.  Confirm your internship and preregister for credit (Confirmation form to be available in Spring 2015).

5.  Complete the REQUIRED learning agreement (Learning agreements will be available in Spring 2015).

6.  Submit your completed learning agreement with ALL signatures to EBE by the summer 2015 deadline.

7.  Visit your myoswego account to make your tuition payment.

Important Final Grading Information for Summer Internships:

The deadline for our office to submit final grades for summer internships is in mid-August.  Some students have not yet completed their internships by this initial deadline.  If your internship extends beyond the summer grading deadline, you will be assigned a TEMPORARY Incomplete as your final grade.  Once you have completed your internship your Incomplete will be erased and replaced with your actual final grade.  A temporary incomplete disappears completely from your transcript once you fulfill your internship requirements.