Experience-Based Education

Fall 2014 Internship Registration

Courses Offered

Experience-Based Education offers academic credit for internships and for students who will be Teaching Assistants (the registration deadline is September 11):

  • GST 498 or Departmental 498 level internship credit is available to undergraduate students in good academic standing and is offered for 2-12 credits
  • GST 303 is available as a 2 or 3 credit option for students who will be a teaching assistant
  • GST 691 credit is available for graduate students and is offered for 2-6

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If adding one of our courses will result in a course overload, your advisor will need to follow the Registrar's instructions and give you overload approval before you can register.

The registration deadline for fall internship credit is September 11!

Earning Credit

Student interns and teaching assistants work directly with a faculty sponsor within their major department to develop a learning agreement (available below)The learning agreement is a required component of the internship program and must be submitted to Experience-Based Education by September 11. Your learning agreement will include the following information:

  • Your internship site information
  • The type of credit and number of credits you will earn
  • Your position responsibilities at your internship site
  • Your learning objectives (what you hope to learn from your experience)
  • The academic component of your internship (what academic assignments you will be required to complete)
  • The required approval signatures

Learning Agreements must be turned in to Experience-Based Education by September 11!


Registration Instructions

1.  Secure your internship and get the information on your internship site (Company name, address, phone, supervisor's name and email).

2.  Consult with your academic advisor to determine the credit type and number of credits you would like to earn.

3. Secure a faculty sponsor (from within your major) to sponsor your internship.  Faculty sponsors will determine the academic assignments you will be required to complete and assign a final grade for your internship experience.  Click here for a list of faculty sponsors.

4.  Required!  Click here to confirm your internship and preregister for credit -   EBE uses this form to electronically collect the details of your internship and also to preregister students who need to register early for financial aid reasons.  ONLY COMPLETE THIS FORM ONCE!  If you need to make changes to your information after you have submitted the form, please email or call our office.

5.  Select and print the learning agreement that applies to your internship.  Step by step instructions will print along with your agreement:

6.  Submit your completed learning agreement with ALL signatures to EBE by the September 11 deadline and EBE will register you for credit.