Rice Creek Field Station Facilities


Rice Creek Building AUG 2013new RC drawing Above is the new facility at reopening in August 2013, looking southwest. 

To the right is the architects's representation of the future building.  

RC facilities 2013

The 2012 to 2013 construction project concluded with the unveiling of a 7640-square-foot, energy-efficient field station, an observatory relocated from the Romney Field House parking lot and a rebuilt pavilion adjacent to the Herb Garden and composting area, garage/maintenance building and new parking area.

The laboratories are equipped with dissection and compound microscopes and a stock of standard biology supplies and equipment. Field equipment maintained by the station includes standard botanical, zoological, and entomological collecting equipment, an array of ecological and limnological measuring and sampling devices, and a Boston Whaler and other small outboard motor boats and canoes for use on Lake Ontario, the Oswego harbor and river, and other inland waters including Rice Pond.  A classroom, administrative offices and operational spaces are located in the main building as well.

The new observatory structure contains a 12.5" telescope outfitted with an H-alpha filter for solar viewing. 

rice creek observatory


Sustainable Features