Rice Creek Field Station

Construction of the new facility: July 2012 through July 2013


July 2013


observatory JUL


  Work on the observatory continues.

Hallway details from the reception area.  

hallway JUL






June 2013

RC June 2013


The view looking west, as you exit the
green trail.






lab June 2013 sidewalk June 2013

Furniture arrives inside and sidewalks appear outside as moving day nears.


May 2013

RC entry                                               A wall of windows bathes the entry area in natural light.

RC corridor


Looking east down the central corridor:instructional areas  are on the right and administrative spaces on the left.


RC south view




Looking south from inside the main instructional area.



RC cabinets 


    Cabinets in one of the three instructional spaces.




April 2013 

    The site of the new observatory.         observatory site


Preparing the roof for solar panels.      

Rc roof solar panels

RC pavilion east


   Looking east from the pavilion.


                                                 The herb garden and pavilion.

herb garden


new building viewed from green trail bench


March 2013 looking north at
the view of the new building from the creek side bench along the green trail.





glass late JAN 2013

Early February 2013 looking southwest from the parking area.
Can you find the plywood that covers the main entrance doors?

JAN 2013

January 2013 looking north from across the creek.



January snows outside ...

snow JAN 2013                                                                                      entry area JAN 2013                                                                         ... as the work continues inside.

RC pavilion JAN 2013

January 2013
The new pavilion has a metal roof.
The pond, covered in ice and snow, can be seen
to the left beyond the shrubs.
The Herb Garden is to the right out of camera range.



RC garage JAN2013

January 2013
The new garage is located approximately
in the same place as before.



RC south side


December 2012

The south side [backyard] of the main building.
The entrance to the Green trail is to the right.

RC east side        December 2012           RC entry

East side view.  The entrance is on the far right.                Inside looking east.  The entrance is on the left.

RC NOV 2012 4


Late November 2012 looking north
from across Rice Creek.  Insulation has begun.
The main building is being enclosed
in preparation for winter.


RC Nov 2012 3 November 2012 looking west from the parking area entrance you can see the locations of the buildings.

RC NOV 2012 1          November 2012           RC NOV 2012 2
To the right is framing for the pavilion.                                      In the back right is framing for the garage.

RC new bldg OCT 2012


October 2012 looking southwest. 
They've raised the roof and are making progress on the pavilion and garage.



RC new bldg framework


September 2012 looking southwest.
The framework for the new building is taking shape.


RCFS no bldg



July 2012 looking northeast. 
All that remains of the main building is the foundation.