Ecology of Rice Creek Field Station

SUNY Oswego's Rice Creek Field Station offers a variety of habitats and natural history influenced by glaciers and people.

RC pond

The Rice Creek Field Station is located near the eastern end of the Lake Ontario coastal plain close to the western edge of the City of Oswego in the Town of Oswego, Oswego County, New York. The main building... Read more >
RC woods

The mature upland forest of the Oswego area includes maple-basswood forests which are most common on the Lake Ontario coastal plain and beech-maple communities which are widespread in New York State. Well drained soils...
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RC stone wall

Most of the field station properties were in pastures, hay fields, or orchards when SUNY Oswego acquired them in the early 1960's. An area of old growth...
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RC meadow

By 1983, it was apparent that maintenance of open habitat, with its associated plants and animals, would not be possible without occasional mowing to control the development of trees and shrubs. Necessary clearing was done...
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