Helen Bohmer Daly Quest Award

Professor John Daly has initiated the Helen Bohmer Daly Quest Award for Undergraduate Student Scientific Research. The award, which will be announced at Quest, will include a $1,000 stipend.

The award is to be given to an undergraduate student who is presenting his or her original research at Quest, and whose research involves the use of the scientific method. Eligible research might include controlled laboratory studies, data collection, mathematical modeling, demographic research, or other quantitative research involving controlled experimental methods. As a rule, students presenting qualitative or critical research are not eligible.

Due 1st Wednesday in April

1. The student’s faculty sponsor for Quest must submit a brief letter supporting the application of the student.

2. The student must submit a paper (max 10 pages) summarizing the research. The paper may be the one from which the Quest presentation is derived. In any event, it must include an abstract of less than one page; a review of relevant literature including the research question he or she is investigating; a report of the method; a report of the results; and discussion of the results. Further information including submission instructions can be found here.