Quest History

In 1979, the Scholarly and Creativity Activities Committee (SCAC), then known as the Faculty Research Committee (FRC), began exploring ways to encourage research on campus. One suggestion was to have a Scholarly Activities at Oswego Conference Day, where faculty could present their research to the campus community.

The first Quest was held the following spring with a total of 77 presentations. FRC Chair Helen Daly was the organizer. It was decided to call the conference “Quest ’80” after our quest for knowledge.

In the opening session of the first Quest, Assistant Provost Gubbi Sachidanandan (Sachi) introduced President Virginia Radley, who spoke on “Reasons Why,” and Provost Ralph Spencer, who spoke on “Quest for What.” After the second successful Quest, it was decided that it should be an annual program, with classes suspended to allow for greater participation. The following year Quest included Honors Convocation. Quest ’83 also offered the first President’s Award for Creative and Scholarly Activity and Research and the first Sigma Xi lecture the eve of Quest. In 1980, all of the Quest presentations were in Hewitt Union. Lanigan Hall was used extensively for the first time at Quest '93. Quest is now  held in the Marano Campus Center.

Few students presented their work in the original Quest ’80. Now students give the majority of presentations. Quest ’96 was dedicated to the memory of Helen Daly, because she took the concept of Quest and turned it into reality.