Quest 2013


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Author 1 Title Link Session Time Room Type
Gehan AaronMedia Naturalness Theory (MNT): Evolution provides etiological context for the study of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Tiffani AckleyReading The Story of Avis: Multiple PerspectivesAbstractHumanities and Social Studies4:00 PM231Panel Discussion
Emily AikensDony, don't we know our Malayalam?AbstractLinguistics11:15 AML101Panel Discussion
Desiree AlcalaThe Poetic Compositional ProcessAbstractMcNair1:00 PM133Talk
Oliver ArmstrongEcoRepsAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society9:00 AM133Talk
Larissa Assam Determination of Bacteria present in the Sunderbans forestAnalysis of the L, N and P proteins of the Chandipura Virus AbstractGlobal Lab4:30 PM201Talk
Kristin BacherGoing Graphic: Comics in the Classroom AbstractCurriculum and Instruction2:30 PML102Talk
Leigh Bacher (2)Analyzing the visual habituation in infant eye blinkingAbstractPsychology10:30 AML105Talk
Katelyn BarberDetermining a Correlation between Cloud Top Temperature, Thunderstorm Growth Rate, and Storm Developmen AbstractMeterology1:00 PM306Talk
Brittany BarrettThe Structural Properties of Ultra-Long Period Variable Star Light Curves AbstractMcNair1:30 PM133Talk
Rhianna BenicaseThe home range and behaviors of a coyote-wolf hybrid in Michigan's Lower Peninsula AbstractBiological Sciences12:30 PML103Talk
Joseph BennettDoes Nature Tend Towards Order, or Chaos? A Study of Fractals AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy11:15 AM258Talk
Joseph Bennett (2)The Charm and Challenges of Experimental Work: Ultra High Vacuum Chamber AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy1:00 PM258Talk
Vaughn BentleyThe Effect of the Media on the Stigmatization of Schizophrenia on a College Campus AbstractPsychology10:00 AML105Talk
Jessica Blodgett MDA Analysis of Blood Serum in Foundry Workers AbstractChemistry2:30 PML104Talk
Adel BouallaguiA conversation with Fowler High School students of English as a second languageAbstractLinguistics10:30 AML101Panel Discussion
CarolAnn BradishUse of electrical resistivity tomography to assess the location and timing of burial for a fresh grave siteAbstractGeology Poster 11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Kyle BraytonThe True Effects of Interest On Your LoansAbstractBusiness10:30 AM205Talk
Rebecca BrennanGot Mug?AbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Victoria BrodeurThe Primordial Elk in a Modern LandscapeAbstractArt9:30 AM210Talk
Ronald A. BrownThe Scientific Method – Reality or Myth?AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy2:15 PM258Talk
Lacey Brown Seasonal Effects on the Composition and Anti-microbial Properties of Bee PropolisAbstractMcNair2:00 PM133Talk
Lacey Brown (2)Collection & Identification of Ixodidae Ticks Infesting Cerdocyon thous in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Lacey Brown (3)Skull Morphology of the burrowing snake Teretrurus sanguineus revealed through High-Resolution X-ray Computed TomographyAbstractBiological Sciences12:45 PML103Talk
Alysson BubbinsThe Hijras of IndiaAbstractAnthropology12:15 PM223Talk
Julie BuddFrontal Interactions with Severe Thunderstorms in the Texas PanhandleAbstractMeterology10:15 AM306Talk
Rebecca BurchExtensions of the semen chemistry model; implications, innovations, and controversyAbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Mary ButwinExamining Snow Crystal Growth Rates in the Laboratory with Common Atmospheric Aerosols AbstractMeterology9:00 AM306Talk
Michael CalbreseEducational Uses of YouTubeAbstractCommunication Studies3:00 PM211Talk
Nicholas CapponBipedalism, language & tool use as the primary influences on the evolution of the human brain & intelligence between Australopithecus & Homo erectusAbstractAnthropology2:00 PM223Talk
Samantha CariotiStock Market Investing AbstractEvening Session5:00 PMTalk
Thomas Carone IIWater Quality of Run Off from the SUNY Oswego CampusAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Stephanie CarpentierOvipositional preferences of the Southern cowpea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus)AbstractBiological Sciences11:45 AML103Talk
Nilson CarrollDada: A Literary MovementAbstractArt9:00 AM210Talk
Lisa CassidyThe effects of dam removal on plant succession along a riparian zone at Fallbrook Pond, Oswego, NYAbstractBiological Sciences11:00 AML103Talk
Lisa Cassidy (2)EcoReps 2AbstractEnergy, Environment and Society9:15 AM133Talk
Delvison CastilloE-Learning Course RegistrationAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Patrick CavlinAnalysis of the Intense Mesoscale Snowband Associated with the 8-9 February 2013 Northeast SnowstormAbstractMeterology9:15 AM306Talk
Hannah CharlandThe Detection and Presence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Agricultural Soil and on SUNY Oswego's CampusAbstractBiological Sciences12:15 PML103Talk
Jianxiao ChenXi'an International Inland Logistics Port: Conception and RealizationAbstractBusiness12:30 PM205Talk
Katharyn ChristianaWaves in Rocks: Seismic MotionAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy12:45 PM258Talk
Katharyn Christiana (2)Designing Thrills: The Physics behind Roller Coaster DesignAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy1:45 PM258Talk
Jennifer CieslewitzFighting Human Trafficking in IndiaAbstractInternational Studies11:00 AM242Panel Discussion
Danielle CitroCorona Wind Visualization and OptimizationAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy3:00 PM258Talk
Danielle Citro (2)Set-up for Levy Flight of Photons in Resonant Atomic VaporAbstractGlobal Lab2:45 PM201Talk
Danielle Citro (3)Fourier Decomposition of Light Curve at Mid-Infrared Wavelengths AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy3:15 PM258Talk
Mackenzie ClarkTeaching Creative Writing at the Onondaga Nation SchoolAbstractCreative Writing3:00 PM208Panel Discussion
Kelly CollinsIs Your Voice Heard? AbstractCommunication Studies9:00 AM211Panel Discussion
Erin ConleyThe impact of anthropogenic deposits on the magnetic anomalies in Sacandaga Lake, Adirondack Mountains, New YorkAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Patricia ConradThe Perks of Studying Abroad in GermanyAbstractModern Languages and Literature11:15 AM208Talk
Kimberly CoolidgeGender Inequality in American Culture and Women in the United States Armed ForcesAbstractAnthropology4:00 PM223Talk
Stefanie CornnellInfanticide occurrence in four primate species: Bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans.AbstractAnthropology4:30 PM223Talk
Kathryn CostelloSpeak Your Mind PanelAbstractCounseling and Psychological Services11:45 AM225Panel Discussion
Edwin CroucherAquaponics AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Edwin Croucher (2)Aquaponics AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Luzmaria CruzImagination BlocksAbstractArt11:00 AM210Art Demonstration
Steven CurryEnvironmental ExerciseAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Steven Curry (2)Environmental ExerciseAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Elizabeth CuzzacreaNeural Networks: Some PerspectivesAbstractNeural Nets4:15 PM232Talk
Nick D'AlessandroBiotechnological ID: short tandem repeats analyzed by MALDI-TOFAbstractChemistry2:45 PML104Talk
Monika DabekSUNY Oswego/Jan Kochanowski Student Conference on Cultural StudiesAbstractHumanities and Social Studies1:00 PM231Talk
Tera DaileyAttentional patterns in face recognition memoryAbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Raymond DaleInterpreting Tolkien: A Look At Botany, Wizards, and MoralityAbstractCreative Writing3:30 PM208Talk
Justin D'AntonioCorona Wind LifterAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Danielle DapsonTool Use Among Capuchin MonkeysAbstractAnthropology11:45 AM223Talk
Arthur DelsingExperiences of a Psychology undergrad to position themselves for Getting into Grad SchoolAbstractPsychology12:00 PML105Talk
Michael DempseyFibonacci Ratios in the Calkin-Wilf TreeAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy2:30 PMTalk
JAMES P DENIG JRFood Waste in the Dining HallsAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMPoster
Martin DeVitaEjaculation in pornography: male arousal induced with indicators of sperm competition riskAbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Joel DodgeNative NarrationAbstractArt10:00 AM210Talk
Gregory DonastorKinetic Energy Recovery Systems: Mechanics, Applications and Formula 1AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy12:30 PM258Talk
Brian DoneganPrecipitation Analysis of the June 2006 Flooding in the Susquehanna, Chenango, and Delaware River BasinsAbstractMeterology1:15 PM306Talk
Yvaline DorceGenetic Markers Studies of a Small Sample of People with Diabetes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) AbstractMcNair3:15 PM133Poster
Yvaline Dorce (2)Determine the prevalence of diabetes in the Democratic Republic of Congo.AbstractMcNair11:15 AM133Talk
Brittany DrakeChanges in Foraging Behavior of the Black-capped Chickadee in Response to Food Availability Versus Predation RiskAbstractRice Creek Station9:15 AML103Talk
Aralis DuranExamining Domestic Violence intervention programs for latinasAbstractMcNair3:00 PM133Poster
Karlene EdingerDetermination of the Concentration of Ibuprofen in Expired TabletsAbstractChemistry10:00 AML104Talk
Robert EffingerMy Study Abroad Experience in ParisAbstractModern Languages and Literature9:00 AM208Talk
Kari EllingerProteomic Analysis of Sugarcane and Sugar ProductionAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Brian FamiloActivation Energy for the Desorption Process: Arrhenius Analysis of Thermal Desorption SpectraAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy1:15 PM258Talk
Brooke FischmanCharles Baudelaire: "Invitation au voyage"AbstractModern Languages and Literature10:15 AM208Other
Brooke Fischman (2)My Year in ParisAbstractModern Languages and Literature9:30 AM208Talk
Mia FlowersGlobalization: The Importance of Multicultural Education and PedagogyAbstractAnthropology3:45 PM223Talk
Justin FordThe Black-Scholes Model: The PDE ApproachAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy10:30 AM258Talk
Emily ForsytheProteomic analysis of sugarcane at levels of processing.AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Ashley FreezeOvercoming Adversity: Resiliency in Low Motivational Environments AbstractMcNair12:45 PM133Talk
Ashley Freeze (2)Race-Baiting: Post ElectionAbstractPsychology9:00 AML105Talk
Daniel FrickSeasonal Movements and Habitat Use by Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina) and Midland Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata) at Rice Creek Field Station, Oswego, New YorkAbstractRice Creek Station10:00 AML103Talk
Jayne FrickeCreating Sustainability Standards for University Police Gas ConsumptionAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Cassandra GaetaPaper Waste In SUNY OswegoAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Katherine GeorgeThe Influence of Attachment on Emerging Adults' Empathetic Tendencies AbstractPsychology10:15 AML105Talk
James GilbertA Study of Wintertime Lightning in the NortheastAbstractMeterology9:30 AM306Talk
Chelsea GiovoThe National Attention on Gun Control: A Campus Wide Survey Measuring Perceptions on Gun Control AbstractPublic Justice3:15 PM225Talk
Daniel GoldmanHume's Theory of Pride Reconstructed: An Examination of Davidson's Analysis of PrideAbstractHumanities and Social Studies10:15 AM231Talk
Angela GraciA web-based adventure gameAbstractComputer Science9:15 AM232Talk
Kevin GrahamhViewOAbstractComputer Science10:45 AM232Talk
Brianna Graham Determination of Arsenic and Lead Concentrations in Soil SamplesAbstractChemistry9:00 AML104Talk
Kevin Graham (2)The Rocksmith Guide To Guitar LearningAbstractHuman Computer Interaction3:30 PM232Talk
Courtney HadjeasgariFitness Center Towel UseAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Alyssa HarePhenotypic Analysis of Starvation Sensitive Mutants of ArabidopsisAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Matt HausmanStudents Managing Part of our EndowmentAbstractBusiness10:00 AM205Talk
Maame HayfronThe effects that changes in food patterns have on the academic performance of college students.AbstractMcNair4:15 PM133Poster
Caroline HaywardDavid Altmejd: Postmodern PosterboyAbstractArt9:15 AM210Talk
Tara HeckeNumerical Simulations of the WRF's model output on Lake-Effect SnowstormsAbstractMeterology9:45 AM306Talk
C. Eric HellquistCorrelating the distribution of aqatic macropytes with trace elements in Yellowstone National ParkAbstractBiological Sciences11:30 AML103Talk
Nathan HemmesRobotic Arm ManipulatorAbstractComputer Science9:45 AM232Talk
Samuel HewittSame-Day Simulations of The Massachusetts Tornado Outbreak, 1 June 2011AbstractMeterology10:30 AM306Talk
Spencer HillTeacher Opporunity Corps (TOC)AbstractCurriculum and Instruction1:00 PML102Panel Discussion
Chelsey HipkensHenderson Historical Society Collections ManagementAbstractAnthropology9:30 AM223Talk
Victoria HowardGoing Laker Green: Reforming Campus PrintingAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Diniece HowellRice Creek – Recordings of an Educational History of a Field Station and its Advancement for the Future". AbstractRice Creek Station9:45 AML103Talk
Tony Iannone Songs of StrengthAbstractMusicPerformance/Film
Kristina JensenAnthropology and the Protection of Culture in War ZonesAbstractAnthropology1:15 PM223Talk
Lesley JonesDining Hall Waste AbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Webe KadimaSUNY OsWEgo ADVANCE IT Catalyst Grant OverviewAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Abdulai KamaraMy trip to FranceAbstractModern Languages and Literature9:15 AM208Talk
Thorin KaneEinstein's Special RelativityAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy2:00 PM258Talk
Andrew KaplanAnti-Narrative as and Affirmation of Narrative in Samuel Beckett's MolloyAbstractMcNair12:15 PM133Talk
Tyler KellyIdentification of Ballpoint Pen Ink for a Forensic Science ExperimentAbstractChemistry10:30 AML104Talk
Bryan KernUser interface evaluation experiences: A brief comparison between usability and communicability testingAbstractHuman Computer Interaction2:00 PM232Talk
Bryan Kern (2)Research Opportunities in HCI at Oswego: A Look at the Last Two YearsAbstractHuman Computer Interaction2:30 PM232Talk
Katie Kietzmann Depression and Life Satisfaction in Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents Living in Rural AreasAbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Kenneth KingCTG Corporation: An Undervalued Common StockAbstractBusiness9:30 AM205Talk
Brittany KingCreating a Zooarchaeological Collection Using Dermestid Beetles: Aiding in the Learning Process of Anthropological Skills and KnowledgeAbstractAnthropology2:30 PM223Talk
Brittany King (2)Creating a Zooarchaeological Collecting Using Dermestid Beetles: Methodology to Aiding in Differentiation Studies of Faunal Bones and Human RemainsAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Samantha KirbyEthics and the American Anthropological Association: The 2013 Deans' Writing Award in AnthropologyAbstractAnthropology9:45 AM223Talk
Justin KlumpImaging groundwater-surface water connectivity in point bars on the Mohawk River using ERTAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Maggie Koerth-BakerBefore the Lights Go out: Conquering the Energy Crisis Before It Conquers UsAbstractSustainability Symposium2:00 PM114
Michael KohnBackpacks to Retirement StrategyAbstractBusiness11:00 AM205Talk
Bryan KollerLe Mali (Mali)AbstractModern Languages and Literature9:45 AM208Talk
Michael KorinekThrown SculptureAbstractArt12:15 PM210Art Demonstration
Melissa KrugThe Representation of Turkish-Germans in German CinemaAbstractModern Languages and Literature11:30 AM208Talk
Jordan KrugmanMass Media and the effect on body imageAbstractCommunication Studies2:30 PM211Talk
Charles KulesaDoes a Pit Bulls Collar Make a Difference in How they are PerceivedAbstractPsychology11:45 AML105Talk
Daniel Labuz The effect of mechanical injury on sugar availability for E. coli O157:H7 growth on leafy green vegetables.AbstractGlobal Lab4:15 PM201Talk
Daniel Labuz (2)Testing the Inhibition of Pyruvate Carboxylase by Musanga cecropioidesAbstractChemistry1:00 PML104Talk
Keely LathropAnalysis of the Structure of Polymyxin BAbstractChemistry11:15 AML104Talk
Andi LeBeauTourism in Amish CountryAbstractAnthropology10:15 AM223Talk
Carli LegonelliDecreasing flyers at SUNY OswegoAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Robert LehmannHalloween Nor'Easter 2011AbstractMeterology2:30 PM306Poster
Alexa LuceraBreaking the Silence: The Importance of Post SecretU and Other Mental Health Advocacy on College CampusesAbstractPsychology11:15 AML105Talk
Amy LudlowAttention to Detail: Social Conditions Affect Cultural ResponseAbstractAnthropology3:15 PM223Talk
Cullen MahoneyEntrepreneurship AbstractBusiness9:00 AM205Talk
Lisa MarinaroBeauty Economy in ChinaAbstractAnthropology3:00 PM223Talk
Kyle MartinMaintenance and Long-Distance RelationshipsAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Dominick MasiW.R. GraceAbstractChemistry9:15 AML104Talk
Maggie MasonIntegration and Utilization of Technology in EducationAbstractCurriculum and Instruction9:45 AML102Talk
Angela MatarazzThe Capacity for Homo Neanderthalensis to Acquire and Utilize LanguageAbstractAnthropology11:30 AM223Talk
Aaron MatthewsExtraction of Acetogenins from Soursop & Survey of Anticancer PropertiesAbstractGlobal Lab4:00 PM201Talk
Grace MaxonRemoving Invisible Barriers Towards Academic Success for First GenerationAbstractMcNair12:30 PM133Talk
Michael McCabe"Graphic Flash" Panel Discussion AbstractWriting1:00 PM114Panel Discussion
Eric McDuffeeTeam Blockhead Wars: Generating FPS Weapons in a Multiplayer EnvironmentAbstractComputer Science9:00 AM232Talk
Ashlee McGloneA Quantitative Look at the Potentially Damaging Impact of Microaggressions on Mental HealthAbstractPsychology9:15 AML105Talk
Hannah McHaleHanahh Hӧch: A Woman in a Man's WorldAbstractArt9:45 AM210Talk
Bassler MeganPlastic Alternatives for Dining HallAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Ashlee MeinInvestigation of the Inhibition of Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase Musanga cecropioidesAbstractChemistry3:45 PML104Talk
Ulises 2013: FrackingAbstractSustainability Symposium10:00 AM133Panel Discussion
Zach MeyerInvasive Species Removal on CampusAbstractBiological Sciences11:15 AML103Talk
Zachary Meyer Invasive Species on CampusAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society9:30 AM133Talk
Phillip MooreComputer Games as ArtAbstractHuman Computer Interaction3:45 PM232Talk
Octavia MorrisonUsing molecular techniques to identify microbial communities associated with invasive plantsAbstractMcNair2:15 PM133Talk
Derek MulliganAssessing the geometry of an aquifer in glacial till using ERT, Oswego County, New YorkAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Kaline MulvihillThe Evolution of the Longitudinal Arch: Conflicting Results Found in the Relationship of the Structure of the Arch and Lower Extremity Injuries AbstractAnthropology4:15 PM223Talk
Kristen Munger, PhDCognitive Behavior Intervention for Elementary Students Experiencing AnxietyAbstractEvening Session5:15 PMTalk
Timsi MuttrejaInhibition Studies of Glycogen Phosphorylase by Musanga cecropioidesAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PML104Poster
Timsi Muttreja (2)Inhibition Studies of Glycogen Phosphorylase by Musanga cecropioidesAbstractChemistry4:15 PML104Talk
Sierra Nash BYOB- Bring Your Own BottleAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMPoster
Ross NetusilPentacene Derivatives: Synthesis and Theoretical Spectra AbstractChemistry12:00 PML104Talk
Hoangvy NguyenEffects of EDTA on Trypsins' activity and MALDI-TOFAbstractChemistry3:00 PML104Talk
Alita NicholsInvestigation of the Inhibition of Alpha-GlucosidaseAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Alita Nichols (2)Investigation of the Inhibition of Alpha-GlucosidaseAbstractChemistry4:00 PML104Talk
Benjamin NollAssessing the Value of the ECMWF (European Model) and GFS (U.S. Model) in the Operational Forecast SettingAbstractMeterology1:30 PM306Talk
Julia NuzzoRegulating Children's Programming: Sex, Violence and CommercialismAbstractCommunication Studies10:00 AM211Panel Discussion
Julia Nuzzo (2)Margaret Sanger, Beyonce Knowles, Women's Sexuality and Being "Bootylicious" AbstractCommunication Studies2:00 PM211Talk
James NyreenPaperless Reslife DeskAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Nwamaka OkaforThe Antioxidant Properties of Green Coffe BeansAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Jennifer OloriPrevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, agent of amphibian fungal disease chytridiomycosis, at Rice Creek Field StationAbstractRice Creek Station9:30 AML103Talk
Sofia OrmazabalLexical flexibility across different socioeconomic classes in Chilean SpanishAbstractLinguistics10:00 AML101Talk
Danyelle OsorioEffects of mechanical injuries on leafy greens in relation to the proliferation of Escherichia coli O157:H7AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Taylor PangmanFriday Discussion GroupAbstractHumanities and Social Studies9:45 AM231Talk
Michael PanySea Surface Temperatures and the NAO AbstractMeterology1:45 PM306Talk
Government position: Micheal Gilchrist Government position: Shinnel BurroughsParliamentary Debate -- Resolved: The Second Amendment does not extend ulimited rights to bear arms. AbstractCommunication Studies Debate2:00 PM205Other
Tai PateFinancial Literacy and Psychological Influences on Financial Behaviors of IndividualsAbstractMcNair11:45 AM133Talk
Natalie PearlAdvertisements on Women's Body ImagesAbstractCommunication Studies2:15 PM211Talk
Jeremy PekarekWomen Within Slavery: A Brief Analysis of the Relationships between the Female Slave and Mistress of the Household AbstractHumanities and Social Studies10:30 AM231Talk
Shirley PengMicrowave-Assisted Synthesis Of A Thiazolidinedione Compound LibraryAbstractChemistry12:15 PML104Talk
Tisaru Perera Global Religions Panel AbstractGlobal Religion10:00 AM323 CCPanel Discussion
Tisaru Perera (2)Introduction To BuddhismAbstractGlobal ReligionTalk
Francisco PerezUnderstanding Oportunidades – Evaluation of Mexico's Anti-poverty PolicyAbstractMcNair2:45 PM225Talk
Tyler Perez Spanish for FirefightersAbstractModern Languages and Literature1:00 PM208Other
Anika PerkinsMotivation to be Physically Active: A Program to Enhance the Health of Sedentary Adults Aged 18-25AbstractHealth and Wellness2:00 PM225Talk
Joan PetersPromoting Sustainable Behaviors in Preschoolers AbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Laurel Pfund-ByronAn Examination of the American Educational System through Study and Travel to Benin & FranceAbstractCurriculum and Instruction2:00 PML102Talk
Jacqueline PhaneufIslamophobia and the Modern WorldAbstractInternational Studies12:15 PM242Talk
Carly PhelanVillage LightingAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Kimberly PikarskyThe Global Nature of Crime and Drugs in Puerto RicoAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Ashley PoredaCorrelation of Aerosol Depth During the Formation of Hurricanes to Their IntensityAbstractMeterology11:45 AM306Talk
Nicholas PowersThe Mechanics of Rocket Motion - An Investigation of Rocket Missions to MarsAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy11:45 AM258Talk
Amanda PrinceSummer Study Abroad In EcuadorAbstractModern Languages and Literature11:00 AM208Talk
Anthony PriscoAthlete Joint Health and Rehabilitation AbstractHealth and Wellness2:45 PM225Talk
Victor ProtsakPRIMES!AbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy9:00 AM258Talk
Jacob PucciJournalism in TurkeyAbstractCommunication Studies3:45 PM211Talk
Jordan Rabinowitz Improving The Predictions of Tropical Cyclone-Spawned TornadoesAbstractMeterology12:00 PM306Talk
Amanda RadalinskyPierre de Ronsard: "J'espère et crains..." (Sonnet XII)AbstractModern Languages and Literature10:15 AM208Other
Agyl RahmadiWhat Users Think About the New Website Design of SUNY Oswego AbstractHuman Computer Interaction2:15 PM232Talk
Belcher RandyKinecting with Emotion: Using the Xbox 360 Kinect to monitor body posture and affect state changes during learning tasks. AbstractHuman Computer Interaction3:00 PM232Talk
Belcher Randy (2)Detecting students' emotional states though the use of the Kinect motion sensing input device.AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Aaron ReeceConstructionist learning with Pure Data: a graphical environment for audio and MIDI programmingAbstractCurriculum and Instruction9:15 AML102Talk
Nikolaus ReffOptimal Foraging in small mammalsAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Mallory Reilly"Live it up!" Wellness Program for AdolescentsAbstractHealth and Wellness2:15 PM225Talk
Gary RitzenthalerIssues In New MediaAbstractCommunication Studies11:15 AM211
Darren RobinsonFigure Male RelationshipAbstractArt10:45 AM210Talk
Ashley RodeCars on CampusAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Esthefania RodriguezCulturally Effective Practices in the Treatment of Substance Abuse among Hispanic Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Oswego CountyAbstractMcNair11:00 AM133Talk
Mary RodriguezA Test of Levels of Blunt Force Trauma on Cow Long Bones (Bos primigenius)AbstractAnthropology9:00 AM223Talk
Jeremy RokjerThe Psychological Effect Video Games Have on Teenagers and Young AdultsAbstractCommunication Studies2:45 PM211Talk
Catherine RosarioSeeking Solution" Breaking the cycle: Women of color underrepresentation in STEM disciplines in Academia.AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Christopher RoulstonPolystyreneAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Julibeth SaezPredation risk in the selection of habitat by eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus)AbstractRice Creek Station9:00 AML103Talk
Christina SakowskiThe Use of Wind Energy in SUNY OswegoAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
John SandfortParticle Imaging and FPGAsAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Natasha SantiagoALANA 2013AbstractALANA4:00 PM258Talk
Robert SchellThe Use of College Fitness Centers and Academic AchievementAbstractHealth and Wellness2:30 PM225Talk
Robert SchromThe Skill in Predicting The MJO by the CFSv2AbstractMeterology12:15 PM306Talk
Tyler ScoinsThe Tacoma Narrows Bridge: The Real Reason for Its FailureAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy12:00 PM258Talk
Minghuang ShanWhy does KFC beat Mcdonald's in China?--Basic ideas of how international companies succeed in ChinaAbstractBusiness12:15 PM205Talk
Brandon ShawThe Role of Forensic Anthropologists in Recent ExhumationsAbstractAnthropology9:15 AM223Talk
Amanda SheddInvestigation of Musanga Cecropioides potential inhibitory affect on the rate-limiting gluconeogenic enzyme, PEPCK, as a potential treatment for patients with type 2 diabetesAbstractChemistry1:00 PML104Poster
Amy Shutter#DesigningForMobileAbstractArt11:30 AM210Talk
Demi SiskindReuse and Recycle NotebooksAbstractEnergy, Environment and Society Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
John Kares SmithPolitics, Postmodernism and Living in Las Vegas in 2013AbstractCommunication Studies3:30 PM211Talk
Chad SmithAnalysis of Lake Water for PAHs by HPLCAbstractChemistry11:30 AML104Talk
Kristyn SmithThe Relationship of Exercise to Anxiety, Stress and Coping Among College Students AbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Alejandro SosnikProgress toward the Fabrication of Inexpensive Tablets of Musanga Cecropioides AbstractChemistry1:00 PML104Poster
Peter SpeckDid a low-level jet help cause the tornado outbreak on May 25th, 2012?AbstractMeterology10:45 AM306Talk
Alexa SpillaneBullying By Adults: Emotional and Psychological ConsequencesAbstractCounseling and Psychological Services11:00 AM225Talk
Kalib St. AngeMixed Metal Oxide Formation by Spray PyrolysisAbstractChemistry9:30 AML104Talk
Michael StahlmanCase Study of the 29-30 June 2012 DerechoAbstractMeterology11:00 AM306Talk
Michael Stahlman (2)The Effect of Teleconnections on Tornado Climatology in the Central and Southern United StatesAbstractMeterology2:00 PM306Talk
Lindsey SteinThe CSI Effect: What Forensic Science Can and Cannot DoAbstractAnthropology2:45 PM223Talk
Andrew SternThe Negative Impacts of Gene-Culture Mismatch on Human ReproductionAbstractAnthropology10:30 AM223Talk
Brett St. PierreSedimentological and Paleobotanical Investigation of Clay from NW Martha's Vineyard, MassachusettsAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Jennifer St. PierreResponse to Intervention: the use of universal screening assessments AbstractCounseling and Psychological Services11:15 AM225Talk
Angeline StuckeyCollege Students' Personal Standards toward Education, Perceptions of Parent Involvement Prior to College and Studying and Learning in CollegeAbstractPsychology11:00 AML105Talk
Angeline Stuckey (2)Perceived Parent Involvement in Education and Studying and Learning Behaviors in College AbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Adam SzymaniakSynthesis of a Thiazolidinedione Compound LibraryAbstractChemistry12:30 PML104Talk
Alex SzyprytThe Analysis of Hypericum Perforatum in the Determination of its Active ComponentsAbstractChemistry10:45 AML104Talk
Patricia Tanner Augmented Reality in EducationAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Tatiana TavaresChromesthetic Painting Interactions: Digital technologies applied to synthetic synesthetic paintingsAbstractHuman Computer InteractionTalk
Annibel TejadaWomen's Mate Preferences Across the Menstrual CycleAbstractMcNair11:30 AM133Talk
Terran TuretskyWhat exactly is FERPA?AbstractCounseling and Psychological Services10:45 AM225Talk
Andy ValdezUnihub: a classified service for the college environmentAbstractComputer Science10:30 AM232Talk
Dave ValentinoThe Legend of Louis the Hermit: Concealed Paleozoic Graben in the Central Adirondack Mountains, New YorkAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
Ben ValentinoAquifer recovery following the dam removal at Fall Brook farm, Oswego County, NYAbstractGeology Poster11:00 AMConcoursePoster
David VampolaDigital Humanities at OswegoAbstractHumanities and Social Studies10:45 AM231Talk
Madison Van KurenBiologically Inspired Forecasting: Using Neural Networks to Predict Severe Weather OutbreaksAbstractMeterology2:30 PM306Talk
Jesse VanucchiInvestigating Inhibition of the Enzyme Glucose-6-Phosphatase by Musanga cecropioidesAbstractChemistry4:30 PML104Talk
Jesse Vanucchi (2)Investigating Inhibition of the Enzyme Glucose-6-Phosphatase by Musanga cecropioidesAbstractChemistry1:00 PML104Poster
KC VerHageThe Effects of Instar and Caterpillar Group Size on Predation of Hemileuca sp.AbstractMcNair4:30 PM133Poster
KC VerHage(2)The impact of genetic disorder risk levels and level of social support on perceived stress levels: A pilot studyAbstractMcNair3:30 PM133Talk
Justin VignolaPhysical Surface Analysis of Chemically Modified Silica GelAbstractChemistry11:00 AML104Talk
Matthew WaldronPicolinic acid N oxide derivatives as ligands for Ullmann type C-N bond formation.AbstractEvening Session5:45 PMTalk
John WallaceEffects of Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Temperature on Flight Numbers for the Bog Buck Moth (Saturniidae: Hemileuca maia) AbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMPoster
Kaitlynn WardThe United Nations Convention of the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of GenocideAbstractPolitical Science and Womens Studies3:45 PM225Talk
Brian WersebeMeasuring the Position/Altitude of a Rocket: Verification of the Laws of Motion and the Impulse-Momentum PrincipleAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Samantha WhetstoneMarriage as a reproductive contract, the wedding as a reproductive ritual.AbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Samantha Whetstone (2)What do you do with your partner after you cheat? Men and women give different responsesAbstractPsychology12:30 PML105Poster
Kasandra WhitneyThe Spatial Distribution of Lyme Disease Carrying Ticks at Rice Creek Field StationAbstractRice Creek Station10:15 AML103Talk
Jay WillerUnderwritingAbstractBusiness9:15 AM205Talk
Mark WillsonThe Oswego Art InitiativeAbstractArt11:15 AM210Talk
Erika WilsonImage Restoration Using Inverse and Weiner FilteringAbstractPhysics Math and Astronomy10:15 AM258Talk
Patrick WilsonGelsolin's binding affinity for mercuryAbstractChemistry3:15 PML104Talk
Kyle WodzickiSatellite Data Assimilation with the Weather Research and Forecast AbstractMeterology12:30 PM306Talk
Kyle Wodzicki (2)Comparison of Two Volcanic Ash Height Estimation Methods and Their Affects on the HYSPLIT Volcanic Ash Model OutputAbstractGlobal Lab3:30 PM201Talk
Dan WoodRecording Projects from the Audio Design and Production MinorAbstractMusicPerformance/Film
Daniel WysockiGalactic MorphologyAbstractMcNair1:45 PM133Talk
Daniel Wysocki2Template Fitting of First Overtone Cepheid Variable StarsAbstractGlobal Lab3:00 PM201Talk
Paullette Yablonski Public Behavior and Etiquette in Japanese Baths AbstractAnthropology10:45 AM223Talk
Mary YaegerA "Journey" Through the Senior Capstone in Public Relations CourseAbstractCommunication Studies4:00 PM211Panel Discussion
Harrison YangLearning by SeeingAbstractCurriculum and Instruction9:00 AML102Talk
Eyub YegenFinancial Innovations for Poverty ActionAbstractBusiness11:30 AM205Talk
Julia YurcoLake Ontario Watershed and Effects of RunoffAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcoursePoster
Marci ZebrowskiSkimming the Surface: Conservation of a Watercolor PaintingAbstractGeneral Poster2:00 PMConcourse Poster
Jason ZenorCollege Students' Perceptions of Political ApathyAbstractCommunication Studies10:45 AM211Talk
wu zhanxiaThe Research On The Influence Of The Intellectual Capital On Chinese Accounting Firms' Business PerformanceAbstractBusiness12:45 PM205Talk
Dimartino Kristina Ziemba,MIchelleFilm discussionAbstractModern Languages and Literature12:30 PM208Talk
Courtney ZupoA Comparison of Synoptic Scale Flow and Teleconnections in the April 2010 and April 2011 Tornado OutbreaksAbstractMeterology2:15 PM306Talk