Students at Risk

Information for Students who are at Risk for Academic Warning at Mid-term Fall 2011 or are on Academic Warning in Spring 2012

Mid-term Grades will be posted for FirstChoice courses and some select courses that are primarily for First Year Students, such as CSC 101/102, ENG 102, CHE 209, MAT 102, PSY 100, and ECO 101.  You may view your mid-term grades through myOswego on October 21,2011. To view your mid-term grades

Log into myOswego
Click "Registration."
Click "Undergraduate Degree Student Registration."
Click "Display Mid-term Grades."
Select "Fall 2011" from dropdown menu.

If you have received information that you have one or more grades below a C at mid-term you are at risk for being placed on Academic Warning at the end of this semester. The fact is that very few  First Year Students who end up on academic warning successfully return for their sophomore year.  We want to help you turn it around now so you can get back on track.

Students can end up on Academic Warning for the following reasons:
1. Semester grade point average is below a 2.0
2. Did not complete 12 credits of study in this semester
3. Did not pass 9 credit hours this semester

You can find out more about these standards in your college catalog.

Procedures for First Year Students with a Mid-term Grade below a C in Fall 2011

 If your First Year Advisor and you have both been notified that you are at risk due to your Mid-term Grades. You need to do the following:

1.  Meet with your First Year Advisor by November 5, 2011, to come up with a strategy for the rest of the semester. 

Note:  The last day to withdraw from a class without documentation is October 28 2011.  This may have serious financial implications if you will be completing less than 12 credits.  If are considering withdrawing from a class you should contact the financial aid office.

2.  Speak to your professors about your grades and what you can do to be more successful in their class.

3.  Meet regularly with your First Year Advisor to find out other strategies to succeed.

4.  Please review the resources on the Compass Academic Skills Website. It will link you to specific skills and it discusses ways you can  maximize your efforts, in order  to attain academic excellence.

5. "How To Get Good Grades in College," booklet is available to all First Year Advisors through the First Year Programs Office. It has 10 detailed steps to help students receive and maintain good grades in college. Students,  if you are interested in receiving a copy please have your First Year Advisor contact

                                                                      How To Get Good Grades Booklet Picture