Living and Learning Communities

Gateway to Business - Funnelle Hall

This Living and Learning Community serves as an introduction to the world of Business.  19 Students will live in Funnelle Hall while taking the same block of courses.  COM 211, Strategic Communication in Business, introduces students to the methods of and processes of communication in the business world, as well as helping them to transition from high school to college. ENG 102, Composition II, focuses on writing strategies, critical reading, and research methods. 

These courses are integral to a student's success within the School of Business. As such, students begin to understand how effectively communicate economic principles and concepts into various forms of business presentations, letters, and other forms of communication.

In addition, other activities, presentations, and events will be held in the residence hall related to the School of Business in general.

*Note: For School of Business students only.

Common Coursework:
COM 211: Strategic Communication in Business
ENG 102: Composition II