Voter Registration Information

Dates to Remember:

Primary: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
General Election: Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where to Register?

You may have an option, but you can only be registered in one place. Your decision:

If you want to vote here in Oswego (in the local and Congressional elections here, as well as the state elections) you must be registered at your Oswego address.

  • You have to have lived here at least 30 days before the election will take place.
  • Students with on-campus addresses will vote on campus, in Campus Center Room 133.
  • Commuters (students living off campus) will vote at their assigned polling place in town or in the city. (After your registration has been processed by the Board of Elections, go to and click on "voter lookup" to find your polling place and directions. It won't be far from your own address.

If you want to vote in another place in NYS that you think of as home (in the local and Congressional elections in that place, as well as the state elections) you must be registered at that address.
  • You have to have residency in that place at least 30 days before the election will take place.
  • You will not be voting on campus or in the city or town of Oswego.
  • You must go home on election day or vote in advance of election day by absentee ballot.
  • Note: If you live within Oswego County, you cannot vote by absentee ballot; you must go home to vote.

When to Register:

For help from SUNY-Oswego to register for the general election we need your registration no later than Noon on Friday, October 8th.

Registrations that go to the Oswego County Board of Elections will be hand delivered there.

If you miss this deadline, your registration needs to be postmarked no later than October 8th or walked into the Board of Elections of the county where you are registering no later than October 13th. Registrations cannot be faxed or emailed.


Questions? Email

For Voter Registration Forms Stop by the Civic Engagement Office in Campus Center 147

(Inside the Compass)




Q: Last year I was registered, but I have changed my residence hall. I still live on campus, so do I need to re-register?

A: Yes. You should change your registration to reflect your new address, especially if you are in a new residence hall.


Q: I live in 150 Oneida. Can I use the address "Oneida Hall, SUNY Oswego" on my registration form?

A: No. You need to register as follows: 10 Onondaga Circle, 150 Oneida Hall, Oswego, NY 13126. Be sure to ask your R.A. or front desk for the correct address. If you live in the Village, you know your street address. Be sure to fill in "Oswego" in the county line.


Q: I want to vote in the election in another town, where I live with my family. Can I still vote on campus?

A: No. You need to register in you home county, using the address where you live with your family. The mailing address for your County Board of Elections is on the back of the registration form, and you will have to mail it with a postmark no later than October 8th. You'll have to go home to vote, or in many cases, can vote by absentee ballot.


Q: I registered to vote at a table in the Campus Center. Does that mean I vote here on campus?

A: Not necessarily. If you live off-campus and registered using that address, you will vote at the polling place in town that is designated for that address. After the Board of Elections has had time to precess your registration, go to and you can find your polling place, and directions. If you live on campus, and registered using that address, you will vote at 133 Campus Center.


Q: I live in Fulton and I am registered at my Fulton address. Can I vote by absentee ballot?

A: No. Because Fulton is in the same county as where you go to college, you need to go home to vote.


Q: I am not 18 yet, but I will be by the time of the general election on November 2. Can I register to vote in it?

A: Yes. If you will be 18 at the time of the election and you are a New York State resident you can vote.


Q: There is a place on the registration form for the address where I live and another for the address where I get my mail. What does that mean?

A: If you are registering with your address here at college, you can probably skip the "where I get my mail" question. If you are registering at another address, like the one where you lived with your family, fill in your college address. The Board of Elections tries to send everyone a card verifying their registration information, and that's why they need to know where your mail should go.


Q: I have a registration form left over from last year. Can I use it?

A: No. The forms have changed this year. Get an up-to-date one from your R.A., hall director, The Student Association (in The Point, Campus Center), the Civic Engagement Office (in the Compass, Campus Center), or Disability Services. Forms can also be downloaded from or


Q: What are the biggest problems with completed registration forms:

A: Illegible or incomplete forms are a problem!! Please print very clearly and make sure all sections are filled out! Have someone read the form back to you out loud; that's a good check.


Q: I have other questions. Is there someone I can ask?

A: Yes. Contact the Civic Engagement Office at or 315.312.3677 or the Student Association Director of Civic Engagement at You can also call the Oswego County Board of Elections at either 315.349.8350 or 315.349.8351.