Sustainability addresses three core areas: a flourishing environment, social well-being, and a strong economy. At SUNY Oswego the civic engagement program seeks opportunities to foster student engagement in sustainability activities, as a representation of participation in public life. Our efforts concentrate on cooperation with the surrounding community, and active citizenship. Here is one way you can become involved:

SUNY Oswego Green Team

The SUNY Oswego Green Team promotes sustainability by leading green initiatives on campus and in the Oswego community.

THE Green Team staffs the Green Kiosk, which is in Campus Center right across from The Point. The kiosk features a different sustainability topic each week, fliers concerning the specific week's theme, and different interactive games which students will learn real go green tips that they can then take and practice in their everyday lives. All are welcome to participate, in the events or the research and education portion. The Green Team also helps with SUNY Oswego’s Sustainability Fair each year.

The Green Team also hosts CarrotMobs. A CarrotMob is a way for anyone to make a real difference with the environment by buying ordinary things in a targeted way. CarrotMobs organize people who care about the environment to use their buying power to negotiate with businesses. A CarrotMob is a network of thousands of organized consumers who buy products in order to reward businesses that are making the most socially responsible decisions. The first campaign took place in San Francisco, CA, as a large-scale, citizen-powered global initiative and has since spread to 80 campaigns around the world. Here is the website of the organization, for further information

Please follow us on Facebook, THE Go Green Team. For more information please stop in The Department of Campus Life.

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