Social Justice

Concerns about social justice are important to members of the SUNY Oswego comunity. Student groups have raised money for victimes of natural disasters, been inolved in "alternative" breaks, organized to promote peace and environmental justice, and supported the work of students in nations with developing education systems. Locally, they have stocked food pantries and worked with middle school students. Here is an example of one engaged student group.


Students for Global Change

Students for Global Change is a coalition group on campus that actively educates the campus and community about environmental and human rights issues on both global and local levels. S4GC works on projects ranging from hosting festivals for fair trade products complete with bands and crafts; hosting a week of activities highlighting how best to take care of the earth and end climate change; to monthly and weekly documentary showings and discussions about how best to solve the world’s problems. The club also acts as a platform for individuals or groups to use to further a particular message. Through S4GC, students worked to get motion sensors installed in residence hall bathrooms, to start the work for a composting initiative on campus, and to raise money and awareness for countless organizations, globally and locally.

To get involved with S4GC, students and staff can visit 102 The Point, e-mail the club at or on Facebook S4GC encourages everyone to be the change we wish to see and to get out there and do something!