The Civic Engagement Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the Civic Engagement Coalition at SUNY Oswego is to promote democratic practice and values among students, faculty, and staff to create and coordinate purposeful experiences within and beyond the classroom and to develop knowledge, skills, motivation, and practice necessary for becoming responsible, engaged citizens in a pluralistic, democratic society.

Coordinator for Civic Engagement
The Coordinator for Civic Engagement works with stakeholders to increase visibility of current and initiate new activities designed to increase civic engagement at SUNY Oswego. Seeking to increase involvement from various constituents, the Coordinator:
1.      Facilitates collaboration between groups that sponsor activities related to civic engagement
2.      Creates and promotes programs and activities designed to increase civic knowledge and community engagement
3.      Works to make civic engagement a visible and growing commitment of SUNY Oswego

The Coordinator also:
1.      Convenes meetings of the coalition
2.      Promotes new curricular and co-curricular initiatives,
3.      Markets and oversees communications related to civic engagement,
4.      And connects with external groups to enhance civic engagement efforts.





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