Math and Chemistry Bridge Camp 2014

 SUNY Oswego's Math and Chemistry Bridge Camp is designed to help incoming STEM freshmen successfully complete a STEM degree! 

Our technologically advancing world is filled with  interesting and exciting applications in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Many students are naturally interested and want to pursue a STEM major, but do not persist because of the challenging course work.  SUNY Oswego's bridge program provides interested students with the opportunity to attend a three-week preparatory camp in math and chemistry.  Experienced faculty teach courses that are designed to provide a transitional bridge between high school-level and college-level material. 

The bridge camp is open to all incoming SUNY Oswego freshmen who have declared a STEM major.  It has been developed as a result of two National Science Foundation grants: a S-STEM and a STEP grant.  The bridge camp experience is free to students who are accepted as a result of either of these grants.  S-STEM students will be selected from the group of STEM freshmen who apply and meet the qualifications.  The NSF STEP Grant provides 20 incoming STEM freshmen the opportunity to attend the bridge program for free, and all incoming STEM freshmen qualify!!  The 20 students will be randomly selected from the group of students who apply. 

Math and Chemistry Bridge Camp 2014 runs from July 13 to August 1, 2014.  The first two days are spent at college orientation and bridge camp classes start on July 15th. 

The deadline for applications to the bridge camp is June 6, 2014.  The application is easy and can be completed by following the link below.

Apply Here!

If you apply to the bridge camp and are not one of the randomly selected students who can attend for free, you can still attend at the reduced room and board rate set for other bridge camp students. 

For more information, contact Karen Valentino by phone at 315-312-2885 or by email at