Research and Individualized Student Experiences

For Faculty

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Getting involved with Undergraduate Research and Individualized Student Experiences has many benefits to Faculty:

Mentoring students in individualized research and scholarly activities is one of the most exciting and rewarding types of teaching.  These unique experiences clearly benefit the student taking them beyond classroom learning to participating in real-world applications.  These mutually beneficial experiences can also contribute to ongoing faculty research and scholarly agendas by providing support and fresh perspectives.

Mentoring requires energy and resources, however, there are numerous funding sources specifically in place to support this type of research. Please recognize that the mentor support letters are an important aspect of student grants.

Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants - $3,000. Applications are accepted twice annually, the fourth Monday in October and the third Monday in February. Grants are for faculty research projects; collaboration with students is not required. 

Tips for Undergraduate Research and Individualize Student Experiences:

  • Projects should be well defined.  Be sure to explicitly communicate expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Projects should be modest in scope and be appropriate to skill level and time commitment of individual student
  • Projects should be multi-faceted and challenging for the students
  • Projects should foster independence and creative thinking
  • Projects ideally should contribute to the scholarly agenda either through an ongoing investigation or a new line of study

 Please contact the RISE office if you are interested in mentoring students and participating in this stimulating and fulfilling experience.

The completed signed application (pdf) will be accepted on a rolling basis through the Summer 2015 until Sept. 12th. Send your completed application t0 Cara Thompson

The application is also available as a Word document.